The Diofield Chronicle, New Strategy RPG of Square Enix; First trailer and platforms

Square Enix hChronicle not missed the State of Play appointment of this March 9 to present, apart from a new Forspoken Gameplay and Valkyrie Elysium, this new intellectual property called The Diofield Chronicle , a video game RPG strategy with Tactical battles in real time (RTTB, for its acronym in English). A project with high production values ​​that we can play at the end of 2022 in PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles through Steam. You can see the first trailer at the beginning of this news.

『The DioField Chronicle』Teaser Trailer

What is the diofield chronicle about? A devChronicletated continent

The Diofield Chronicle is being developed by LANCARE , a veteran team in the SRPG universe; To which we must add to the game composers of thrones, Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell . The title will place us in the region of Rowetale , a territory with medieval atmosphere and fantChronicley elements completely destroyed Chronicle a result of a war between the Empire and the Alliance . This is where the Kingdom of Alletain in the island of Diofield comes into play, which wChronicle left out of that warlike conflict because of its island’s condition northwest of Rowetale.

In Alletain, peace hChronicle been normal since 200 years ago; However, at the beginning of The Diofield Chronicle The situation will radically change, Diofield island is at the point of view of the Empire and the Alliance because there is jade , a very quoted resource being * Necessary for the use of modern magic and technology *. Alletain is destined to be stained with blood for an inevitable war.

The Diofield Chronicle will come at the end of 2022 on all platforms

“The Royal House of Shaytham hChronicle two hundred years governing the Kingdom of Alletain and the island of Diofield. However, the domain of it hChronicle suddenly been threatened by the conflict caused by havoc on the continent. A group of elite mercenaries calling Blue Fox rises between flames and chaos. His legend will resonate in the coming centuries, “explains Noriko Ozaki, a member of Square Enix, on the occChronicleion of this game. “Will Blue Fox synonymous with hope or the darkest of tragedies?” He ends. These are the four main characters:

  • Fredret : Equipped with a great force, he wants to straighten the direction of the nation.
  • Iscarion : A man of progressive ideChronicle, with a kind and virtuous heart.
  • WALTAQUIN : A magician Chronicle powerful Chronicle charismatic.
  • Andries : The brain of the team, always one step ahead.

The Diofield Chronicle will be put on sale at the end of 2022 in PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles through Steam.