Overwatch 2 beta publishing date for “end of April”

The beta for OverVATCH 2 will arrive “End April”, Blizzard has confirmed after months of delays and speculation. The revision of the FPS game shakes many of the heroes and the gameplay that we know from Overwatch, with revisions for Sombra, Doomfist, Orisa and Bastion, a brand new hero, SOJOURN, and a change from 6V6 to 5V5.

The publication at the end of April will also make sure that it is available for professional players in the Owatch League season 2022, which will begin soon after this date on May 5. Game Director Aaron Keller announced that Blizzard staff and important partners, including Overwatch, are league professionals from “this week” access to a closed-alpha build from OverVATCH 2. Previously, the teams have a workshop Build of the original Overwatch practiced and trained, changing the statistics and conditions to reflect some of the changes from OverVATCH 2.

End of April™ Update

According to the basement, the publication of a beta version will allow people to access the PVP page of OverVATCH 2 much earlier, as it continues to work on the PVE aspect of the new revision.

“We took some time to rethink Overwatch 2, with the only goal of ensuring that it is a lively game that our players regularly supplied with exciting content,” says Keller. “We change our plan for OverVATCH 2 so that you can play it earlier. This begins with that we decouple the PVP features of the game from the PVE systems so that we can bring you PVP earlier. “

If you want to participate in the beta at the end of April, you can do this here.

There was no update to an accurate complete release date for Overwatch 2 in its entirety, but with this focus on PVP to get it earlier in the hands of the players, a staggered release for PVP and PVE seems likely.