Column: The structures are outdated, honorary is at the limit

Currently, the Bundestag really does not really matter to me, because the much quoted base has not been involved again. The show rounds of the two candidates could have been able to make a public public, so that a normal club representative can make a picture and ask questions. That’s how it is, as before, a “Closed Club”, the delegate circle is closed, everything has been agreed. What should happen big? Many have expressed many since the basement resignation, many wanted to engage, the group ‘saves the amateurs’, also the group around Katja Kraus. That you can put it away from the association side, I find sad. Not heard? Understood nothing? After choosing a round table with all, that would be a sign.

Volunteer organization comes to borders

Is the sky the limit? - Bill Baker

What do we need for the future? A task is to make clubs for a future. On the websites of the national associations you see that you take care of clubs and help z. B. offers in the form of training concepts. But it’s not about training concepts, but for future ideas for the football club. Already the exercise leaders who are supposed to get the concepts are missing. Many items can no longer be occupied. We will be asked if we can provide integration work, whether we participate in the full-time school, whether we are in motion concepts for kindergartens. Loving! But that does not work in the evening, after our normal professional life, that happens during the day. We have to think about that. The club structures are outdated, voluntary organization comes to borders. How do we manage the field for football in the future? Only those who set up differently can work differently.

The example Tusa Dusseldorf

An example: In Dusseldorf, the city has launched a funding program for start-up financing for a full-time managing director if clubs cooperate. Cooperation is promoted, shared resources.

Tusa Düsseldorf has 1600 members and was able to make a conveying proposal alone, a cooperation partner was unable to find. There are clubs even hard. Our full-time managing director is now working in the third year at Tusa, since then the club lives up correctly. We are one of three clubs in Dusseldorf, who had a membership growth during the pandemic. We have the opportunity to put applications through them, there is a lot of support from funding. Because in the main office has the time to read properly, we have two new circulates with showers for our footballers. We can look after more schools, that means more funding and again setting options for us. This allowed us to improve the care situation for youth teams.

What clubs need

Clubs need role models, impulses from the outside. The DFB and the national associations must actively respond to clubs on these solutions, otherwise more clubs die. A task is to make associations for a future. If you do not send a club representative to the county football sessions, sentences are due. But on such sessions, no communication takes place, that’s a ‘sideway’ from top to bottom. Basically, you could distribute info sheets. That has to be organized differently. Meetings must be fun, an exchange must be possible to develop common ideas. And do we need today, with all modern possibilities of communication, really all national associations with complete branches as 100 years ago? With a streification, resources were spent to spend money on other topics. For example, sponsorship concepts to support the amateur associations. The specialists from DFB could address the association sponsors and form regional pools so that sponsors also involve and financially support in the area on site.

The Var did not make life easier for the amateur lawsers

Finally, the topic referees remains: the clubs must pay penalty if they should not fulfill that. But be Schiri, that’s no attractive task anymore. Insults are on the agenda, almost everyone on and next to the course has its own opinion on the game management, the decision of the shiris is rarely accepted. Of course, the association works on the picture, but partly the actionist and contradictory. So honest you have to be: The Var did not make life easier for the amateurs. He is supposed to have the course in the square, then she once again has the Cologne basement, then again. As a spectator you can no longer recognize who has said that. Almost like the DFB.

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