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March 9 finally released! “Dead by Daylight”, new chapter “Sakai Rising” that has a masterpiece “ring” of Japan horror “Ring” is a motif, new killer 子 上 上

Behavior Interactive Inc. Deployed Asymmetric Fight Horror Survival Game “Dead by Daylight”, new chapter “Rising Rising” informed that it will start released on March 9, 2022.

A new chapter “Rising” of the asymmetric match horror survival game “Dead by Daylight (dead by Daylight)” developed by BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE INC., which has been announced on February 16, 2022, “Dead by Daylight (Dead by Daylight)” is Finally, it will be launched on March 9, 2022.

In addition, the ring works with the ring work with the ring work and hitting the world with a fear of fear…
The Dead by Daylight version of “Curse Video Tape” has also been published.

“Sako Rising” trailer

This chapter follows the world view of the “ring” that can be said that it is a representative of Japan Horror, and the new killer is a new killer, “The Outryo ())”, a boy survived from the horrible revenge of Yuko in the original “Asakawa Yoichi” In the figure that became an adult, it appears in the murderer as a new survivor.

After carrying out the PTB of “Rising” on February 16, not only posts on SNS and YouTube, but also the “Sako” series movie latest work “Yuko DX” announced on the same day “Yuko DX” of the fall decision The news was fitted, and there was a big response that was suitable for the opening of the ear.

Finally, please note the “intense world view” where Yuko unfolds in “Sakai Rising”, which is finally released!

# Release Information Release Information

Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Stadia ¥ 720, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch in ¥ 880.

The Sadako Rising Collection, which collected new skins, aligned with the launch of this chapter.

# Behaviour Interactive Inc. Creative Director / Dave Richard Comment

“The killer to participate in the fog forest will be fun to play, fun, fun to play. increase. Experience the new “Dead by Daylight” with the new Kira Sako and the new survivor Yoichi’s ability. “

# KADOKAWA producer / Naruko Naokai comments

“Finally, the day when sending a son to the misty forest has come. Tragedy Horror Queen Yuko and Adult Survivor Yang One. Dead by Daylight Team draws a story of Yoichi’s continuation, and the moon elapsed from the original I feel that the day was to reach this day. Seven-day settings, Television, VHS gimmicks fit in the form of Dead by Daylight. This time is a series without mistakes It became a new challenge. The whole world will be trembled again in the figure of the newly announced Ultraare Aiko. As you can survive… Thank you for the Dead by Daylight team. “

# Dead by Daylight on Dead by Daylight

“Dead by Daylight” delivered by Behavior Interactive is an action horror game that plays a 4-to-one asymmetric type online match. A book that produced a dark fantasy to the concept of “Survival Nakakuribo”, and the total number of players will top 48 million in December 2021. It has grown into a game that shakes the whole world. About 2 million users per day are PCs and consoles, mobile, and a murderer called a killer at the stage of the game, a killer demon, and four survivors (survivors) I am divided into and playing.

Since the launch of 2016, we will collaborate with the legendary works and one after another in TV, movies, and games, and “Horror Masterpiece” gathered, and it is possible to enjoy the world view, and you can enjoy different experiences for each match It is a feature. “50,000 people of the people were voted by the people of the television in the TV Asahi series on December 27, 2021! Even in the TV game general election, it is ranked in the top 100. For more information, see

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