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How Dead by Daylight introduced Yoichi from The Ring as adult

The Sadako Update of Dead by Daylight adds the Japanese horror icon from The Ring as a new killer into the game. But next to her as a new survivor, Yoichi Asakawa, the only person who survived Sadakos attack in the original films and the novel. Yoichi was still a child in these works, but now he has grown up for Dead by Daylight. Talking to The PC Player 24 explains the creative director of Behavior Interactive, David Richard, as the studio approached the transformation.

“First of all, I have to say how happy we were that Kadokawa has allowed us to continue with this idea and create new traditions that do not exist for this character,” says Richard as he is asked to License has worked. Holder, Kadokawa to bring Yoichi to Dead By Daylight. “As with all licensed content, everything we do is followed by specific guidelines and is approved by our partner. Ultimately, our goal is that the contents we have created correspond to their original intellectual property and represent their universe to a Dead by Daylight-Wise. “

But how did Richard and the team present to create the adult version of Yoichi if there was no precedent that the figure was older than a child? “We wanted to make sure he goes into science just like his father,” explains Richard. “Since he knows that Sadako may live in the water in the open sea on the coast, we thought that this has oriented him to studies with respect to the ocean.”

His background history is based on the events of his parents’ history, and according to Richard, this also applies to his qualities, his appearance and his personality. “We have introduced a mix of his father and his mother who are visible in the movie. The exploration of this figure was like exploring the other two main characters. Many inspirations that find them in the history and the characteristics of Yoichi – and even in his appearance – based on or are inspired by his father and his mother, and that was very interesting for us. “

Dead by Daylight - New Killer & Survivor Showcase (Onryō & Yoichi Asakawa) | Sadako Rising

It seems as if this is the kind of content updates we should expect in the future after Richard has recently communicated us that, although the game has been on the market for six years, no plans for publishing a continuation of Dead by Daylight consist. Instead, it seems that more updates from horror franchises like the ring will be the way forward for behavior interactive.

Keep your eyes open to our complete interview with Richard later this week.