VBL: Tragic Final for Werder – Rostock crowns – catch-up clearly clarifies Master

Only three points – bitter Werder crash

Hardly unfavorable would have been the last double game day of the VBL Club Championship for the SV Werder Bremen. When the leaders of the North-West Division gone in the evening, Werder collected only three points on Tuesday and thus fell back to third place, making the Hanseaten surprisingly missing the direct entry into the Grand Final.

At least it was a 2-5 against Bochum, in the showdown against Paderborn, the Bremen even came with 1: 7 under the wheels. Previously, Michael ‘Megabit’ Bittner & Co. 14 Matchdays did not write down in a row as ranked two and seven gaming days in series even stood in one place. In the final chance, Werder now fights against Nuremberg around the return to the trace.

Rostock debutmalchen continues

The players from Hansa Rostock are allowed to dream before the end of the finals. They crowned their shiny debut season. Both against Schalke and Hannover, the Rostockers managed a 7: 1, so they taught impressively to the benefits from the previous week.

With fabulous 32 points from the recent four games, the “Kogge” rushed to the top of the season and qualified directly for the Grand Final.

Hansa Rostock celebrates the surprise title in the Division North-West. DFL

Triumph against Wolfsburg: HSV conquers two place

Loudly seasoned on Tuesday at Hamburger SV, which thanks to the Bremer Patzer still feared in second place – and in a heartbeat term: both the HSV and the SVW completed the main round with 112 points, the Hamburgers had the direct duel With Werder but decided (4: 4 and 6: 3).

Decisive was in particular the triumphant against Wolfsburg, at which Daniel ‘HSV_Daniel7’ Dwelk and Steffen ‘Funino’ pounds shot out 9: 0. It had previously given a 3: 6 defeat against Cologne.

Pauli-Duo makes everything clear against Bochum

The evening was meanwhile the evening for FC St. Pauli. The Hanseate documents on the 25th matchday with 2: 5 against Wolfsburg, therefore fell in sixth place and had to be back to the play-off participation in the meantime. In the last game then followed the liberation.

Kamal ‘FCSP_Kamal’ Kamboj (5: 0 against Justin ‘XGODLY10’Kampmeier) and Mustafa’ FCSP_Mamti ‘Cankal (3: 1 against Benedict’s Benecr7x’ Bauer) Shot St. Pauli in the individually and together in double with the 7: 1 against Bochum in the final chance. Behind St. Pauli also made Cologne and Hannover the leap into the intermediate round.

Bald success for the SC Paderborn

Rather bitter, however, was the evening for the pursuers who had hoped in vain to the late jump in the top 6. Above all Borussia Mönchengladbach: Due to the 7-1 against Hanover, six seated seats suddenly returned in reach, though the perfect result had held after Leverkusen.

As a result of 4: 4 against Bayer Gladbach finished the season seven place. Just behind the FC Schalke 04 and the VfL Bochum and the SC Paderborn landed. In particular, the SCP: the Ostwestfalen collected against Bremen (7: 1) and Kiel (6: 3) 13 points.

Sandhausen spits the Leipzigen in the soup?

The expected heartbeat termination has failed in the south-east division, since the 2VS2 of RB Leipzig could not take place against the SV Sandhausen and has to be made up. A point is currently making the difference in favor of the FC Ingolstadt, who, like the Saxons, almost secured the direct jump into the Grand Final before the end of the season.

Both teams had first pitched: the “Schanzer” documents Hoffenheim with 3: 6, RB played – subject to the said double – only 3: 3 against Sandhausen. At the later evening, the table situation continued to go.

The Leipzig moved over with a 7-1 against Darmstadt and raised the pressure on the upper pälzer, but they founded. Timo ‘Timox’ Siep and Philipp ‘Eisvogel’ Schermer shot the FCI to a 6: 3 against Heidenheim and with it back to one place. RB can already include the relay victory with a draw in the outstanding 2VS2 against Sandhausen.

Nuremberg slips off, but remains in it

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The expected leap into the play-offs has secured the 1st FC Nuremberg, which, however, should be anything but satisfied with the course of Wednesday evening. A total of only four points gathered the francs in the last two season games, rushed in sixth place and had to take the future to the final chance.

After Antonio ‘Antonioradelja’ Radelja had taken care of in single and double with Daniel ‘Bubu’ Butenko for the 4: 4 against Fürth, both came with 0: 9 against Hoffenheim under the wheels. In the previous season Nuremberg had never been worse than fourth. These now grabbed the Hoffenheimer, who also stand in the play-offs and play there against Cologne.

Thanks to ‘Burak__May’: Master defends third place

In third place, the 1st FC Heidenheim graduated from the main round and proved to have made the change. After Denis ‘Denis’ Müller and Serhat ‘Serhtinho01’ Öztürk had left the defending champion in the summer, the Heidenheimer started through the season, but increased from week to week and taught in the second half of the championship in the second half of the championship.

Despite the 3: 6 defeats against Darmstadt and Ingolstadt, the Swabia sovereign secured the entry into the play-offs, in which it goes against Hanover. On Wednesday, Burak ‘Burak__may’ May made for countable: against Darmstadt Marcel ‘Donchap28’ German won with 3: 2, in a double against Ingolstadt he took a 1-0 with Deniel ‘Denii10’ Mutic a 1-0.

‘Yannic0109’ & Co. end up five

Also in the final chance is for the FC Augsburg, which now meets FC St. Pauli. On Wednesday, the Swabia first parted with 4: 4 of Mainz, Yannic ‘Yannic0109’ Conservation in single and double with brother Philipp ‘phlip1089’ caterers cared for the points.

Then followed a 6: 3 against Frankfurt, which still climbed the FCA in fifth place. In the last encounter of the main round, Lukas ‘Lukasr18’ Rathgeb (3: 2 against Andreas ‘Andy’ Gube) and ‘Yannic0109’ (4: 2 against Emil ‘Emilsge’ Köhler) were successfully successful.

Regensburg robs Hertha the hope

On the other hand, it was no longer enough for Hertha BSC: The Berliners had last stood in the top 6 after the 19th matchday and hoped for the return on Wednesday. After the 2: 5 defeat against Frankfurt, there was still a residual hopping, but the subsequent 3-6 against Regensburg, however, was missing.

Only ERENPYRZ030 ‘Poyraz managed a victory against the spreadsheets – too little for the Hertha, which finished the season as a seventh with three points behind Nuremberg. Behind the capital Klub landed Darmstadt and Fürth with nine counters behind the residue in six place.