FC Bayern: “Thankful” Niklas Süle Strand Club Bosses Lies – No words about BVB

Around the mental constitution of Leitwolf Thomas Müller, coach Julian Nagelsmann does not take care of the dangerous nerve play of FC Bayern against RB Salzburg.

But the first own goal in Müller’s long career as a football professional moved at 1: 1 (1: 1) in the Bundesliga top match against Bayer Leverkusen on a irritating way the plug at the hitherto totally dominant Munich rodemble.

The following cost breakdown aroused doubts about the mental robustness of some actors such as that too often as a security risk Dayot Upamecano.

“This obviously also happens to the best,” Nagelsmann noticed left to the failed rescue campaign Müllers in the 36th minute, when the ball ended after a more harmless free-kick of Leverkusens Kerem Demirbay because of a vote problem in his own goal.

“I called I have him,” goalkeeper Sven Ulreich describes the key scene. But Müller was already in jump. In the 407th Bundesliga game he spoke the ball for the first time in the wrong goal.

FC Bayern aims view of the Champions League

“The communication was apparently a tick too quiet. Thomas has to go there, he is not happy, but it will not hust up him sustainably,” said Nagelsmann. The weighed points in the league everyday life are feasible for the leader.

A draw in the Champions League duel with RB Salzburg would not be enough after the 1: 1 in the eighth-final first leg. Austria’s top club around the penalty scorer Karim Adeyemi agreed with a loose 4-0 against the SCR Altach on the great task in Munich. “On Tuesday it counts. This is a very important game, we have to win,” Niklas Süle urged Slee.

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Nagelsmann can put on the 26-year-olds just one hundred percent. SCHULE embodies since the announcement of his release-free change to the league rival Borussia Dortmund suddenly the stable defense chief, which the Munich bosses did not see him during the failed contract negotiations.

Already at the 1-0 in Frankfurt, Slee stick out. Against Leverkusen he scored his first goal this season. “For me personally, it was nice to meet. I would have hoped that the gate is enough for three points,” Slee noticed to his powerful volley.

But the defense thorn was astonished how much “the unfortunate equalizer” brought his team to waver. “We played one of the best first 30 minutes of the season. After 1: 1 we were unsure and fell together a bit. That must not happen to us,” said Siey.

Especially defensive colleague Upamecano was again the danger stove. A blackout back pass in the run of Amine Adli would have to lead to the backlog. Leverkusens attackers shot on the post. “We were not effective enough,” Bayer-Coach Gerardo Seoane groaned in the face of winning chances.

No words about BVB change

Nagelsmann admonished the UPAMECANO committed as a defensive chief of the future, as soon as possible, reduce the error rate and to choose more frequently “simple solutions”. He did not scare the 23 year old Frenchmen: “He’s a machine in defending.”

This can also be the 1.95 meter large and at the 100 kilograms of heavy athlete Slee – just not long in the Bavaria jersey. To the new challenge of BVB (“a giant step”) he does not want to express himself up to date: “The day will come to which I will say something.” His focus is on the greatest possible Bavaria farewell.

Slee enjoyed that the 25,000 spectators in the Allianz Arena not only celebrated him to his goal. “I’m grateful. It is not self-evident that I games here, now after Dortmund changed and the viewers still call my name when I make a groat,” he told impressed. “It sees that I have given everything in the last five years for the club, everything won.” He missed this appreciation by the responsible persons.

On Saturday there was – already before the kick-up – recognizing words of board leader Oliver Kahn: “I find that a professional attitude that Niklas lays on the day. He throws everything in here again.” Giving everything, deliver performance, celebrate successes – that remains Süles drive to the final use in the Bavaria jersey: “I will give everything here until the last day and hopefully get two titles.” This must first be defeated on Tuesday Salzburg.