Pokemon: The most weird attack of the main games and how it really works

The very high number of creatures and attacks available in the Pokémon franchise give rise to a practically infinite number of possible combinations. However, many of the movements are very similar. With the exception of the types of each, there is not much difference between throwing flare, ice ray or mud pump. However, the state effects are much more particular by testing how each generation is scheduled. Among them the one who stands out is rare space , which does not hesitate to honor his name.

The Strange Pokémon Movement

Most players of the main games will have moderately clear how this attack works. Its effect, basically, is invest the importance of speed to make them the slower creatures that attack first . A movement with the maximum negative priority of the game that can never fail if our Pokémon is in combat, but whose effects can be avoided in extreme cases due to its strange system of operation.

Although many could hope that this attack would simply be able to fulfill its effect and invest the priority, the truth is that does not work the way it seems logical . This could lead to other incompatibilities, so from Game Freak they decided to carry out a movement that makes Pokémon mathematics still more important than we had when we take a look at the capture formula of the saga. The actual effect of rare space is to modify the speed of each Pokémon with the following formula.

  • New Speed ​​= 10,000 – Old Speed ​​

So far the situation is already quite curious, but there is an additional detail. The speed in Pokémon has two limitations . When used to calculate the damage of any speed synergy attack, it is limited to 10,000. However, the limit when determining who will attack first is 8.191. Any amount that you can overcome this value will begin to count from zero from 8,192.

  • Real speed (if it exceeds 8.191) = Speed ​​- 8.192

Rare space takes advantage of this formula to give rise to a system that works 99.9% of the times . However, the possibility can be given that a Pokémon with more rapid attack points first while the altered dimensions of combat last. This happens as long as a creature has more than 1,809 points or more in this statistic. This is due to the two formulas that we have seen: as the result of subtracting the old speed to the increase of 10,000 points is less than 8,192, this value is not deduced and therefore remains with stratospheric values.

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Of course, Pokémon mathematics can lead to interactions of the most curious and There is nothing stranger than rare space .

Capture: Freezaim