“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is divending a large number of “mysterious gift”. A method of availability, etc.

Pokémon Legends Alceus ” (Pokemon Legends Alceus) is a large number of “noisyuki”.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” can receive a present called “astigmade gift” via the Internet. The member rank is released at 1 timing and can be received from the “painful ware” in the menu. It is possible to acquire gifts in three ways: “Local communication”, “Internet” and “serial code / Ai.” Above all, serial code is currently being distributed on various platforms. Here, let’s introduce the serial code distributed at this time together.

First of all, serial code distributed in Pokemon official. If you enter “ArceusAdventure”, you will receive 30 Hyperball Gigaton Ball Jetballs. Distribution period is until 23:59 on March 31, 2022. Then, “Thx4yourHelp”. There are 5 pieces of garbage, and a piece of mysterious and sick. Distribution period is 8:59 am on April 1st, 2022.

There is also a serial code that comes with the early purchase benefit of this work. When downloaded the “Pokemon Legends Alceus” download version at Nintendo e-shop by May 9, 2022, a serial code that can be received by 30 “Heavy Ball” will be presented. Serial code expiration date is until May 162. People who forgot after purchasing, let’s check the email of the Nintendo Account (registered email address) purchased.

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In addition, in the Pokemon Center, special serial code that can only be received by birthday is also distributed. As a prove your birthday, when you have a public certificate such as “insurance card” “license” “passport” “My NANB card (personal number card)”, “Pokemon Legends His Alceus” is obtained Get a serial code that can be d1. The period for receiving gifts is one month of birth month.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is likely to be distributed various serial code in the future. Don’t forget to check the official Twitter etc.