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Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection: a complete but limited compilation

Last week, Inin Games raised the veil on Wonder Boy Collection, a compilation of 4 Wonder Boy games, which were strangely lacked at the call Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap for the Westone Saga to be completely. We now know why: another compilation named Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection has just been announced with this time the 6 games on the menu… but a limited distribution to a few thousand copies story to sell collector editions at a strong price.

It is at Strictly Limited Games that we owe this remarkable execution of the technique of Fomo No Jutsu (for Fear of Missing Out, the fear of missing something). The shop will offer Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection in three editions limited a few thousand copies and even a lot less for the ultra collector’s edition sold 150 euros.

Strictly Limited Games, which will open the pre-orders on March 6, insists that collectors will not find this collection anywhere else in box format. For those who just want to find the 6 Wonder Boy games in the same place, the press release adds that a digital edition of this collection will also be available afterwards.

Standard Edition (50 euros)
Playstation 4: 2,000 copies
Switch: 4,000 copies

Collector’s Edition (100 euros)
Playstation 4: 1,500 copies
Switch: 3,000 copies

Wonder Boy Collection - Official Trailer
ULTRA Collector’s Edition (150 euros)
Playstation 4: 499 copies
Switch: 999 copies

Note that the six games (Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World, Monster World IV) will be declined in their different versions (Japanese and Western) and in their different portages. At the end of the day, the compilation includes 21 different versions.