Map of “Battlefield 2042” to a significant review. Publish the adjustment policy and seeks their opinions for users

Electronic ARTS announced on March 3rd on future map adjustment policies of “Battlefield 2042”. This is a part of the update plan to improve based on user opinion, and based on the opinions sent to this announcement, we aim to reflect the discussion and reflect it.

“Battlefield 2042” is the latest work of Multi-Play FPS “Battlefield” series. This work continues to point out many defects and lack of optimization than in November 19th of November. It was in a situation of criticism from many users. Development source EA / DICE was continuously working on defect corrections, etc., and on February 1, we had a policy to incorporate a new update process. Specifically, the developer first discloses the problem and the improvement policy. Subsequently, user opinion on the disclosed content is asked to proceed with discussion on the community. And, the developer is the form that the development source is presented again. In other words, it is the aim of incorporating opinions while asking the user in the three-step process of “presentation of development source” “user feedback” “General development source”.

And this time, the first issue of the map adjustment and presentation of the view of the map was held. The contents are divided into five major topics. First of all, it is a problem of “travel distance”. The developer recognizes that the movement between points takes too long to move between points in this work, and recognizes that they are dissatisfied with the user. The development team agrees to the point that the movement time is too long, and I would like to improve it. Therefore, the movement of the initial spawn point and the occupation point is in a field of view. Users who have an opinion on map and point placement with problems should comment on feedback in the official forum. The same is true for other topics to be described later.

The two are the problems of “intense battle”. The developer showed a view that players and vehicles were too concentrated in the fierce battle area and too chaotic. This problem is particularly pronounced in breakthrough mode, and it is considered to take measures such as reducing the number of visible vehicles. And the third is the problem of “LINE OF SIGHT”. It is open in this work, and there are also many mapps with low relief, so it is also supposed to be sniped from a superfarget. Such points also recognize developer, and in particular about the map “Kaleidoscope” that tends to be significant is already moving to improvement. In addition, we are looking for an opinion on maps and areas that you add hands.

The fourth fourth is “the problem of the advance route”. As a recognition of development source, at present, there is no clear route for movement between points, and it is a view that shooting is caused by the shooting from here and there. I want to improve these routes and clarify the travel route to the destination. And the fifth is a “cover (shield)” problem. This refers to the problem of the ray and a slightly duplicate, but it is a mention of the shields such as buildings and containers in areas instead of terrain. Development source wants to reduce the experience that reduces the possibility of being attacked from all directions, and to continue to run on an isolated unlike flat ground. Also, in the same page, a map improvement proposal of a concommous / breakthrough mode in the calidic scope described above is also presented.

768: Battlefield, Back Compat and Game Streaming to console

The series of map improvements should be implemented sequentially because it takes a considerable development period. First of all, it seems that the calid scope will be given priority. And, the comments received will be utilized for new map designs. It has also been suggested that the size is smaller than conventional maps for new maps.

The developer is widely looking for an opinion for any of the five topics mentioned this time. Although it is English, the user who has an opinion would be good to post to the feedback. In addition, the series of problems mentioned this time is also a basic point that you want to keep in the initial stage of the map. Development teams may finally review that many users’ voices were heard. Will a new attempt connect to the improvement of gameplay?