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Five years after a gloomy action adventure has been banned by Steam, it suddenly makes its comeback on the PC platform. Players celebrate the surprising return of the cult game and dusted for the first time after years for the first time in the grotesque depths of rabbit construction.

The Gloomy Adventure Alice: Madness Returns has a surprise comeback on Steam this week. After the Squel to American Mcgee’s Alice had disappeared from the platform at the end of 2016, it has been available again for the first time for just over five years.

Alice: Madness Returns with surprising return

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Alice: Madness Returns originally appeared in 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. Publisher EA first made the fantasy adventure available on Steam, but it moved back from the platform in September 2016 **. Since then, the game for PC gamers was only accessible via the EA-own Launcher Origin.

Just over five years later, EA is finally reversing this step and helps the Morbid Gothic interpretation from Lewis Carroll’s classic to a unhoped revival.

Alice: View Madness Returns at Steam!

Steam: comeback of EA-GAME ensures jubilation at fans

On Steam, the return of Alice: Madness Returns for Freudenaumel and enthusiastic fans. Currently, the Action Adventure has a very positive assessment with just under 7,200 user reviews . Many players comment on that they had to wait for this comeback long and praise the gloomy atmosphere and the often grotesque style of the cult games.

While Alice: Madness Returns is now available again on Steam, is missing the first game of the series, American Mcgee’s Alice , on the platform by the way. Perhaps EA could pretend the original next or even think about further continued financial success. Finally, everything is conceivable in Wonderland.

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