“Steam Deck” Supply chain problem still continues -Valve personnel revealed increase production policy

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In an interview with overseas media GamesRadar +, Valve’s “ STeam Deck ” Shipping representative of Roans Yan and Designer Greg Corner talked about the lack of supply of devices.

“Steam Deck” is a mobile gaming PC that Valve is developed and launched. Last year, shipping postponement was announced from the lack of material, and in some areas including Japan after the release date, the situation still continues to be outlooked for reservation.

Mr. Yan, Wang, Valve ships hardware and software is not the first time this time, but it is difficult to make (product) enough to make the demand for portable PCs. Corner continued to continue making the policy to focus on increasing the number of devices for a while, despite the fact that the demand is overwhelming than the number of devices that can be supplied on the first day.

In addition, in the interview held at the same time, Valve has not intended to end the device at a one shot as a single shot, as a category for many generations..