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When the Russo War

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For five days, the Russian troops have been trying to invade Ukraine and if the Ukrainian territories are the scene of a real military war that no longer imagined in Europe, the conflict is also played outside the battlefields. : Part of the West leads an economic war to Russia to deprive Vladimir Putin of the necessary resources for the continuation of the conflict and this war also becomes a communication issue and Soft Power – Conflict’s media coverage contributes to international support. Ukraine When its “invisibility” takes advantage of Russian forces likely to employ heavy military means.

From obviously infinitely more anecdotal ways (but to which we will be confined here), the game industry also mobilizes in this war, especially to organize fundraising for the benefit of Ukrainian victims. From last Thursday, several development studios including Ukrainians and Eastern Europe positioned itself: this is the case for example of GSC Game World based in Kiev (to whom one owes Stalker or the series Cossacks Strategy), from Vostok Games ( Survarium ) or Frogwares which denounce the Russian aggression towards their country. Polish studios also quickly manifested, as CD Projekt or WhiteMoon Games (the developer of MMORPG Broken Ranks , which lifted 130,000 Polish zlotys for the Ukrainian Red Cross). In the lot, it may also be retained mainly 11 bit studios which has been among the first to react and promise to reverse the weekly benefits generated by the sales of its anti-timing game this War of Mine at the Red Cross, in support of the victims of the war.

A choice diversely appreciated by Steam users around the world: the game was the subject of review Bombing on the Valve platform, where manifestly rather Russian and Chinese users have been able to degrade the note of the Game. Immediate reaction of players supporting the Ukrainian effort: the note flies to (re) become large positive. These notes are probably not a reflection of an objective opinion on the game (more, rather greeted by criticism since its release) and more likely bear on the image and initiative of the studio. Still, players seem to have chosen their camp and the equivalent of $ 160,000 has been harvested in 24 hours, supplemented by more than $ 240,000 abounded by CD Projekt via its GOG platform.

Since then, many studios followed the example of 11 bit around the world, including bulk Ubisoft which announces financial support to its Ukrainian employees, Bungie which will make a donation via its operation of Charity Game2give, or digital extremes that announces a donation of $ 100,000 to the Red Cross, among others. If these initiatives are obviously anecdotal with regard to the reality of the land in Ukraine, the wars of today are not obviously not only military and also play outside the battlefield.