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“Elden Ring” review. Finally derived, the optimal solution of the princess of the show software

It was my first impression on this work that “I’m not changing than I thought”. System design based on Seoul series to the concept of death. The strength of “search and boss battle”. The production team wants to provide users. A posture that keeps making better things. “Elden Ring” It is not a work created by the aim of receiving a million people, but is not a work that has not yet seen a world of games. Just like this time, it is a work over the expectation, as well as the love of fans.

Elden Ring Review-In-Progress (PC) - I Played 55 Glorious Hours And I'm Still Far From Finished

※ This article is written based on play by the Code for the From Software Review (PS5 version). There is no spoiler about the story and a specific boss game

“Elden Ring” is a 3D action RPG of the third person viewpoint released on February 25, 2022 from From Software. Picture a journey around the Fantasy world called “Lands between narrow”, Elden Ring and a journey around the ball. A method of developing retries and developing a retry and developing a retries It is a great feature that it is a work that is almost always rewarded, “excellent boss battle” and the principle of the philosophy. Also, although the work name is completely different, the base of the game system has hardly changed from the Seoul series.

# “Open field” that appeared as an optimal expression method for the philosophy

Just talk about the work of “Elden Ring”, you must first touch it about the introduction of the “Open Field” that is the first attempt in the ARPG work that the From Software has carried out.

There are many works that incorporate past, open fields, and a closed system. For example, “Death Stranding” prepared a vast American continent because “to establish your own game design” that piles up two-foot. Open World Game, “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Ghost of Tsushima” have built a beautiful world for each “representing the story”.

If so, how about Elden Ring? It is to simply enhance the strength of “the rewards” that the From Software has stacked in the previous ARPG work. Speaking of course, more “to achieve volume up” from existing works is mentioned as a major reason. From the entrance to the exit, not the structure from the opening to the ending one direction, it is not a structure from the starting point, and the search place is simply increased, and the number of bosses is simply served, and the existing problem is To solve it.

Like the games listed in the example, it is not provided to establish your own experience. If it is also a ideal that can be seen as safe, the level design of “Elden Ring” introducing open fields is great. No, the expression “close” looks good. Instead of expressing the strength, it was not to express the strength, and the “It should be originally the original” was Kore. The previous works have just been a clothest to the completion of “Elden Ring” and introducing an open field, and the From Software finally reached the optimal expression method of the philosophy.

It was a Seoul series that was a challenge to the last RPG work, and despite the strengthening of the “search and boss battle”, it was in a point that was making a story-driven game design close to linear type. The search is an action that contains different vectors by the player, and its aspect often is often represented by the “freedom” criteria. You may go above and you may go down. Even if it goes to the right, it may be left to the left. It is an action that walks around with both feet while being aware of. However, existing works are continuous “dungeon” -Shon, a single vector with a single vector, as the structure continues to advancing from the entrance to the exit – I had to do it.

This is a way that is a reasonable way to deploy the story, and it was good for the act of continuing to proceed before “Adventure”, the theme itself, and so-called first-sized killing. But it is not possible to contain free vectors, for example for NPC events and items, the world returned to the dungeon that passed once, and the appearance to interpersonal multiplayer is natural as a representation It was not a state. In addition, if you can not defeat the boss battle, it has been a risk that the game itself has completely stopped. Structures similar to linear types are not very compatible as RPG elements that strongly produce individuality in action. In other words, at the Seoul series stage, it was not possible to fully express the strength of “search and boss battle” and the philosophy.

Therefore, this work is shifted from “to exit from the entrance” to “Choosing a derived destination from the start point”. As a result, if there are many dungeons and not defeated the boss, the part of the roots that does not become a game is not changed, but if it is a certain extent, it is possible to clear the dungeon in a free order. When I get stuck in progress, I capture another dungeon to accumulate experienced values, and get a success experience in a natural way. At the beginning of the open field, the figure that chooses the next destination from the number of dungeons and returned to the open field, removed the fusher of the development team and allowed to fill the factors simply.

The player can then choose the place to choose the place to choose, and if you wish, you can also choose to not go to a specific derivative. Therefore, the development team can prepare a boss, poisoning to a dungeon and there. And the existence of “places that did not go” and “headed order”, the number of markers placed on a large map will prove the way of each player and strengthen the RPG element. NPC events and multiplays that need to go around each place are blended in a story line in a natural way. The from software has introduced an open field to solve the existing problem that has not been solved for a long time, not only the volume up of the experience, and gained an optimal representation of the philosophy.

Let’s look at the detailed parts for the field of this work. The world of “Elden Ring” is composed of three types of open fields, a large dungeon “legacy dungeon”, which is a derivative destination, and a small-scale dungeon “underground cemetery” & “tunnel”. Legacy dungeon encourages search “The first content is hard to see” and “narrow path”, as its name, it is a place close to the dungeon in the Seoul series. The interior has no change from the old work, and the experience obtained is almost as it is, but the search point increases by “jumping” which is a new action. The upper and lower hierarchy is the content in which it is more emphasized. It would have been determined that this part that has already been highly evaluated has no need to change the content. Although it is a guess only, if you decide, I want to support it. For the “Underground Cemetery” & “Tunnel”, the former emphasizes the mystery solving gimmick, and the latter is the content that emphasizes the jump action, and it is fun to have not fitted in the content of the legacy dungeon.

As mentioned earlier with regard to the open field itself, the field of view is flushed, and it is a space where it can run around the vertical and horizontal. The structure of a conscious of the up and down, and a well-friendly enemy arrangement, and it seems that the legacy dungeon has been stretched thinly, such as a stone statue that comes with a dungeon discovery hint, and a Boss’s enemy that appears in Surprise. It is characterized by the content. Besides this, there is also a place called “sealed” that can be fought instantly with the boss character.

The role in prompting the player in the open field is not a system, but a story that is not a system, and a story that follows the beautiful and scent artwork and fragmented artwork. This work has increased game volumes, and there are a lot of objects and enemies for each area that has been stated and the design, and the story where the content is gradually revealed by the search, and “I want to leave as soon as possible” The explorer of the player’s anxiety and the “Whether this is meaningful to this pattern or terrain” “I want to fight Koz” is strongly stimulated at the same time. It is attracted to the background setting and uncertain story in the From-software work, and the state where the severe delusional habit is triggered to “the From brain”, everyone who played “Elden ring” will be in this state I’m sorry. And I will chase the illusion of the name of consideration, and it will be a fader who travels until I get tired of the area between narrows.

The open field of this work is a characteristic landmark or a remuneration that can be obtained just by just walking outside the dungeon, and there are few events that occur. Nevertheless, it is because the production team is familiar with the ability to continue moving the player in a large space, as well as a way to bring the human heart. In fact, even now, even now, it is still possible to expand the delusion and the soul that the delusion swells every time you look at the land between narrowing.

As an example of how to proceed with the game, first, we first grasp the enemy’s handling and characteristics of the area in the open field, make a further search with a small dungeon found through the search, and train yourself by fighting with the boss you met. If you think it’s cool, look for a legacy dungeon and challenge. It is in the form of heading to the newly released open field area after defeating the boss. Open fields, legacy dungeons and small dungeons are all connected through “search and boss battle” which is the strength from old work. Even if you change the appearance, even if you increase the game volume, it is a design that is well understood that no experience to be provided to the player is not blurred.

However, the “search” is a state that you do not know as the previous stage of pleasure by discoveries. And I do not know the condition is stress. This work is required for searches for all three areas, so the risk of stress is very large. This is a rich Fast Travel Point, the revival point, and the riding point, and the open field can be moved high-speed and flexible. With these existence, the game speed is much faster from the old work, and there is a shame to take a walk when you do not understand, and you can feel free to change your mood. I felt that the game speed became more faster than ever. If you are clogged into a capture, it is the attitude of this work that will be challenged to another dungeon that has given up and given the existence. It is said that it is a fromic software work-like attitude, and it may not change from the old work.

Although the introduction of open fields is an eye-catching element, it does not do innovative things on the game system. The experiences through the search have been added to the experience through the search while confirming that the philosophy that continues from the Seoul series “search and boss battle” is faithfully inherited and clearing the problems that have not been solved so far. As mentioned earlier, it is full of follow-ups to help the player’s digestion, as the volume increases.

From the perspective of the search element, it is a simple strengthening from the Seoul series, a work having an extension line, and there are many parts that have not changed significantly, such as the contents of the legacy dungeon. Still, I want to search for “or not” with “here”, the production team has overlapped the game design technology, and the power of a narrative through art, and the basis power is excellent in making games It is a proof of “Demons Seoul” Launched from the release of the experience you want to provide to the user at all, and because the point to hold the work is clearly understood that the work should be held and the push drawings of the points to be newly challenged. As you think that all the previous works are all seeds, the word “enthusiasm” looks good for “Elden ring”.

Combat action that played a legitimate evolution

“Search and boss battle” which is the strength of the Seoul series. Of the “search”, the introduction of an open field has achieved significant volume up and experience improvement. So how is the “Boss Battle”? Although the battle of “Elden Ring” is based on “Dark Soul 3”, it increases the importance of enemy motion control through frame avoidance or more than the Seoul series. From the battle that cuts the pattern and scratching each other’s HP, it has evolved into an integral “lives”. There are many enemies that require player skills to be player skills that do not pass by only character level violence, and as well as the way they have player skills, and as well as the opposite battle game.

A new avoidance action or search stealth action or exploring stealth action, and the boss match is also included, and the specifications that can be felt from “SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice” and the content that can be felt somewhat. ing. According to an interview with the director Miyazaki Miyazaki, published by PlayStation.blog, the development of both partially was done in parallel, but there is no direct impact, but indirectly There are several affected parts. However, the game side does not present the way of avoiding the attack, in other words, in that it is necessary to “search” even during battle, this work is felt that this work is a work in the Seoul series genealogy.

RPG elements are also enhanced according to this specification. Including a large increase in magic type from Seoul series, it is possible to customize the war skills for each weapon using the item called “Ashle”, not only the walking path of the field, but also the contents of the battle action It is possible to push the individuality of the Just a magical battle technique, all of which are not passing through any boss character. Naturally, it will be removed according to the situation, but it will be flexible to some extent so that multiple weapons can be set by the copy function of the item, as well as the removal of magic. It is an interesting specification that has been a well-made head. This is the same for “Recollections” that can be acquired when defeating a large boss (the items that can be exchanged for one of the two powerful weapons and items).

Here is a clear “tactic” in solo player, with a combination of “spiritual claims” that can be customizable by the moment buff item “psychic drug”, a regular buff, and the NPC, and the “spirit summoning” that can be combined with a party. It has reached construction. For example, the contents of the psychic drug are blended into the status rise effect and beat the bag together with the born spirit. If you have grown in the status that uses magic, you will be able to leave the front to a strong spirit body and to help backwards. In the case of the muscle-intensive building who has been responsible for the superior sword, it will be a powerful attack attack with the enemy’s attention, while making the enemy’s attention, while making the enemy’s attention, while making the enemy’s attention. It adopted a tactics that broke up and chases further with a finger blow.

Naturally, since the boss match has been adjusted to the difficulty level of this tactical, it is not a combination of multiplayer, whereby the battle is not used. The final question is the basic player skills that have been cultivated through the equipment reinforced items and levels acquired through long-term search. This work has adopted a policy to improve the player’s technology by concluding the number of volumes from the old work. This specification looks rough and tough for difficulty levels, or it is a person by a person who sees it as complying with the style of the Seoul series. However, it was a polite content that makes the player easy to understand the technological improvement in the player, such as using specifications that make the enemy’s motion, such as a certain level of difficulty in the latest action game “Sekiro: SHADOWS DIE TWICE”. Based on that, I think that the authors have a little different way.

Although there is a lot of joy with a different kind enemy and a large number of people, there are many opportunities to fight with NPC by the spirit summoning, and the moment they feel “the game is good” In the early stages that can be done as much as possible, the degree of difficulty rises sharply, and the game through the spirit body is concentrated at the game ending game where it is not substantially exchanged, and there were not many as a whole. Therefore, it was difficult to find the meaning above the rewards and the meaning of the reward acquisition, even with the boss outside the story that is packed with a medium, a strong enemy and dotted in various places. It was not a battle, but it was worked when it was uneasy that it was good at the place where the side road was lost.

However, it is an unmistakable fact that the battle action of this work has justgerated than “Dark Soul 3”. The RPG element that makes the killing with the offense of the moment and the main character of the game be stronger that the main character of the game is “I”, and the shoulder pain, shoulder pain, the shoulder pain, the shortness of the game, who is “I” While involving a feeling of good fatigue, the story of “Elden Ring” is not an epic spun spun by a certain fader, but it is not a part of our life.

After all, “Elden Ring” is not a work made by the aim of receiving a million people, but is not a work that has not yet seen a world. This time, in the same way, it is a work beyond expectation, responding to the love of fans. 12 years from “Demons Seoul”, I will consistently face the principles you want to express from the front and do what do you do to realize? In order to penetrate yourself, the attitude of the production team continuing trial and error is simply unlikely. If the term “competitive” is a “elden ring” that the word “compensation” is similar, it may also be only one of the passing points. We will continue to continue our way to see how to express the philosophy. And when I met again, I would also say the evaluation of “I’m not changing than I thought.” Of course, in a good sense.