Destiny 2

How to kill Lucent Hive in Destiny 2

Lucent Hive is a new breed of enemies with which you will come across Destiny 2. These enemies usually have light-touch shields, but not to such an extent as the departure of the hive.

Gun and super wells work well against Lucent Hive. The game also has a silencer grenade, which can help in the fight against beehive light carriers.

New Gleb, which we see in Destiny 2, can also be effectively used to combat Lucent Hive. In some cases, these Lucent Hive are also found with Lucent Moth. The first few hits from this weapon will displace the moth.

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After the displacement, this butterfly usually flies to you and explodes, causing damage.

This Lucent Hive has a characteristic white armor, and they usually head their hiles. While getting rid of Lucent Hive is quite simple, on the other hand, Hive Guardian is a completely different game with a ball.

In some cases, Lucent Hive also comes with energy shields. It will be easier for you to destroy this shield if you have an appropriate spontaneous weapon.

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