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Impact Genshin is not expected that version 2.6 is released until next month, but there has already been a series of potential leaks. Previous leaks have pointed a launch for Kamisato Ayato, and some recently filtered screens show the character with a new and massive serpent chief ruin! The creature is basically a giant robot serpent made of drills and cogwheels, and it seems quite intimidating. While these images are definitely legitimate, readers must take each filtration carefully until we see an official revelation of the game developer.

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The images of the ruin snake were shared on Twitter on the unofficial account @ayatodailyyyy, and can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

So far, there has been a lot of positive reception for the creature! With regard to enemies, this could be one of the most creepy we have seen so far in the game, and could be a difficult encounter for the players. While many fans seem to appreciate the unique design of the Ruin Snake, others could not avoid noticing similarities with Onix and Steelix! Both Pokémon have similar ways to the ruin snake and, often, they can be found inhabitant in caves. Of course, the mechanical components of the Ruin Snake give a distinctive look, but it is not difficult to detect some similarities.

While the serpent of ruin is the clear culminating point of these filtered images, impact genshin fans will probably be excited to see more Ayato. Since he made his debut in the game as NPC, Ayato has created a passionate audience of fanatics. Impact Genshin has presented the players a series of interesting characters, and it seems that Ayato will quickly become another favorite of fans. With luck, Mihoyo will not wait for fans much longer to get more official information about version 2.6!

Impact Genshin is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, iOS and Android. You can check our previous game coverage here.

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