This Overwatch fan has a Wordle

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The wordtrace game Wordle has recently become a phenomenon, with various clones and offshoots of daily puzzles. Now there is even a version to look forward to which fans of Overwatch Esports can look forward to which they should be shackle while waiting for the start of the Overwatch League 2022. Yes, someone has created an Overwatch League Wordle named Owlel, which she commissions to guess the right OWL player instead of a word with five letters.

Made to us attentively by a reddit post in the Competitive Overwatch Subreddit, a person, known as, Follow, the Wordle spinoff created with OWL topic that you can play on your website. Since OWL players are different lengths, Owlel uses a clever mechanism to guess player name.

To play, you must first guess the name of a player of the Owatch League. Instead of telling them which letters they have understood correctly or misunderstood and whether their order is correct, Owlel tells you whether the player you guess have in the same role, conference, the same team and from the same country as the right answer is.

The game is also updated with accessibility functions after a reddit user has reported that he can not enjoy Owlel due to its red / green color blindness. But the creator of the game responded quickly to the RedDitor. “I’ve just released an update that adds a color blind mode to the settings,” says Zoror. “I’m color-blind himself, so I had chosen colors that were already accessible to color-blind people, but I think these colors still do not work for every1. Let me know if the new color scheme is better or if I should change the colors more. “

Owllel is reset every day and gives you eight attempts to guess the right answer. It is a great way to spend some time to refresh your Overwatch knowledge while waiting for a publication date of OverVATCH 2 or the OverVATCH 2-beta that seems to appear soon.