CSGO: SMOOYA goes to the FNATIC Banking after Iem Katowice 2022

Owen “SMOOYA” Butterfield He arrived at FNATIC in October 2021 after going to the Banking of Movistar Riders in August. The first months with the black and orange were productive, showing a better performance than the view prior to the arrival of the British. However, your Counter-Strike campaign: Global Offensive will be in another organization.

The last great Great Event of SMOOYA FNATIC was IEM Katowice 2022 . He finished at 9 ° -12 ° put after losing against Astrals by 2-1. In general, the first contests of the year were not the best for the European group, following the bad streak that began at IEM Winter 2021 . However, the demonstrations were not catastrophic, on the contrary: He finished at 13 ° place on the global table of hltv.

FaZe vs Fnatic - HIGHLIGHTS - IEM Katowice 2022 | CSGO

Despite the IEM Katowice 2022 demonstration, the Fnatic administration decided to send it to the bench. We must mention that the SMOOYA contract was trial, that is, a little different from the usual. The aforementioned reasons have to do with adjusting the club nuts prior to the qualifiers for the first major of 2022. The Antwerp competition has dates from 9 to 22 May.

The intention is that FNATIC may have a better performance than the seen in recent weeks. But since it is not sought that the performance goes down, Lulian “Regali” Harjău will enter as Awper. Considering that the teams are soon to be sure in the records, it draws attention who can officially add it in ownership.

About the decision, Andreas Samuelsson , Director of the team, thanked SMOOYA for the work of him in the last competitions. But he also pointed out that he is not the reinforcement that the club currently needs. Then, it is better to allow you to explore options for the upcoming CS: GO competitions.

On the SMOOYA side, the release before the template registration left him bad stopped. We will have to wait for news that links it to a team that needs an awper in its rows. At the moment, he will summarize the streams of him on Twitch and will continue practicing on public servants.