We run as a sports nation danger of missing the train

In the remote duel for the league guide, the VfL Bochum and the 1st FC Cologne deliver a thrilling race. While the Cologne supplies to Schalke 6: 3, the VfL Bochum Patzt at VfL from Wolfsburg a little later 3: 6. The Bochums finally save themselves into the playoffs with their points pad. The scene I describe is not a Cologne football fever dream, but the situation on the 26th matchday of the Virtual Bundesliga 2021.

The ESPORT has no “own world” more, but became part of the very real sports world. His spectators are becoming more and more – and they are getting older. The ESPORT industry has implemented 130 million euros in 2020 nationwide, the gaming industry a multiple of it. In Cologne, Esport and Gaming are Gamescom and international events such as the ESL ONE, the “Cathedral of Esport”, meanwhile real site factors.

Esport is a bridge between analog and digital world, between generations. Esport professionals are often self-evident models for adolescent personalities.

This is precisely the non-recognition of the eSport, […] that can form that non-profit, non-commercial structures in the amateur sector can form.

Henriette Reker

Will the ocean ever run out of fish? - Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Jennifer Jacquet

And yet, ESPORT in Germany is still encountered with institutional skepticism and regulatory hurdles. The German Olympic Sports Bund (DOSB) and wide parts of politics insist on a traditional picture of the eSport.

Fast is drawn the picture of killer playing teenagers who would be better attracted to fresh air. I am convinced that a subdivision into educational “meaningful” and “not meaningful” sports through politics and associations will not influence no adolescents in the choice of the game, probably on the contrary. Remaining questions in this context already govern the youth protection law today.

Furthermore, it complains that the world of eSport is too strongly dominated by commercial interests. This has a significant cause: so the non-recognition of the ESPORT as an “official” sport by the DOSB and the associated, refused non-profit by state authorities ensures that non-profit, non-commercial structures in the amateur sector can form. In fact, sports clubs, the ESPORT departments are risky, risk their charitableness.

The Sport Nation Germany runs the risk of missing the next follow-up. On top of that, we award significant social and economic potential. The new federal government must finally pay the importance of ESPORT, which he deserves.

Paragraph 52 must be changed

In order to earn the ESPORT location Germany, it turns if it changes the charity law in paragraph 52 accordingly. Christian Lindner should take the ESPORT in the future in the positive list of the finance of the Ministry of Finance. What sounds like technical details is the legal condition for a strong future of eSport in Germany.

The ESPORT is not Olympic. I propheeze: before the end of this decade, the time has come.

Henriette Reker

And the organized sport should also move. If adolescents ask why chess is recognized by the institutional sporting world as a sport, but not, they often get only a tired functional smiling. The young people are right!

The fact that the majority of chess games will now take place online, the assessment of the DOSB is still questionable.

It would be a pity if a rethinking takes place only when on official, international competitions first medals in nation ratings will be awarded. It would be better to recognize the ESPORT through the DOSB as an “official” sport and finally gain esporters consistently access to performance and sports carriers.

As a Region Rhein-Ruhr, we want to align the Olympic Games in the 1930s this century as sustainable games. Admitted until then much water will flow down the Rhine.

“We could dominate the escort”

However, as a sports nation, we have to set the structures today to oppose something the ongoing negative trend in the Olympic medal mirrors. Still, the esport is not Olympic. But the front crumbles from year to year. I propheeze: before the end of this decade, the time has come.

With good decisions and the crucial clicks in the right place we could dominate the ESPORT as today only a few traditional sports.