Graphics Card Upgrade: Nvidias cheapest gaming

Nvidia RTX 3050 is likely to be among the most interesting graphics cards for PC players – and it seems like the cheap model will be even better in the future through a hardware upgrade.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050: New chip should reduce power consumption

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 offers enough performance for gaming beginners to play in Full HD and is also significantly more performer than the RX 6500 XT from AMD. That makes you tasty for many PC players.

If you believe the hardware expert Igor Wallossek faith, the graphics card is supplied in two different configurations: once with a GA106- and once with the GA107 chip . The latter seems recently to be part of the production chain, but offers a decisive advantage over its close relatives: The chip consumes less power.

While the TDP indication of the normal RTX 3050 is about 130 watts, the power consumption of the model with GA107-chip is only 115 watts – A savings of at least just under 12 percent . Incidentally, this change should not affect the performance of the card. In fact, even the opposite could be the case as long as the manufacturers do not advancil the PC players for overclocking software bolt (source: Igor’s Lab).

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 at NBB Watch

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Why is NVIDIA to the other chip?

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In fact, the GA106 chip is actually used in RTX 3060. The yield rate of chips without great error rate is apparently not very high. But instead of hiding the partially defective hardware directly into the ton, are the chips in the RTX 3050 for use – and that should continue to be so.

The new and power-saving GA107 is only a fallback solution, according to Wallossk, should the stocks go to GA106 chips to tilt . So should the card continue to sell so well, in the future, there should be significantly more models with the better chip in the market. Currently, the road price of the RTX 3050 is around 400 euros, the RVP at 279 euros.