PS2 Shooter Stealth: Launched on PS5

A new stealth game has been launched on the PS5 and is one of the PlayStation fanatics that may have played on PS2. The PlayStation 2 is considered by many as the best PlayStation console to date. As part of the sixth generation of consoles, PS2 is the best-selling console of all time. This is partly due to many households bought the console as a DVD player, but it did not sell 155 million units only for this. He also saw the birth of many of the best series of games, such as Corazones of the kingdom, dios of war, Diablo can cry, Trinette and clank, _ and _jax and daxter. Meanwhile, new sets in series such as Final_Fantasy and Solid Metal InGranage, were exclusive to the console. In fact, the best-selling game on the console, gta san andreas, was exclusive to PS2 when it was launched for the first time. However, not everything that was launched during this era was legendary. There were also games like bloodrayne and rayo of blood 2, who had his fans, but not to the same extent. That said, they are this pair of games that threwned stealthily on the PS5 today.

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More specifically, remistering of couple games, which were launched in PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on November 18, are now available at PS5 natively. Previously, they were only available to play in PS5 by compatibility with previous versions. Developed by Big Boat Interactive and published by Ziggurat Interactive, Remasteners increase the resolution of the game, improve kinematics, make improvements in the engine and more.

As for the original games, the series began in 2002, through the Developer Terminal Reality and the Majestic Editor Entertainment, with the launch of the homonymous game (bloodrayne). After its launch, the game received metacritic scores that range in the 70s on all the less PC platforms. In other words, the game was not a great success of criticism or a great commercial success, but obtained a sequel in 2004, ray of blood 2. The sequel had a similar critical and commercial performance.

At the time of publication, there is no news about the pair of games that will arrive at Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which makes them a current exclusive generation for PS5, at least for the time being.

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