Team Cherry talks about the development of Silksong

In February 2019, three years ago, silksong, the sequel de _ Hollow Knight _, the beloved Metroidvania Indie. Since then, we basically have not had new information about this title. With each new Nintendo Direct or presentation of any kind, fans expect to have more details, but this has not happened. In this way, Team Cherry, the team in charge of this series, has finally spoken a little more about this delivery .

According to a report by PC Gamer, who got in direct contact with Team Cherry, We will have more information about Silksong until we get closer to the date of launching the title . This was what William Pellen, co-director of delivery commented:

“We are continually working on it, and we hope to share more about the game as soon as we get closer to its launch.”

This means that we will have more details about this delivery until the game is ready to get to the market, which could still take enough. There is no launch window, no information related to this section. Considering that we are talking about an independent study, this type of ambiguity is to be expected . On related topics, you can check our gameplay of Hollow Knight here.

Interview w/ Leth from Team Cherry & Mongoose Rodeo - Hollow Knight Silksong & Crowsworn

Editor’s note:

This type of updates do not make much sense. We know that silksong is in development, and we will obviously have more information when we get closer to its launch. Any type of video or additional detail will surely excite the fans, and keep HYPE is not so difficult with this type of experience.