Magdeburg manufactures Göppingen

The reigning club world champion celebrated his 19th win in the 20th game at 37:26 (20: 9) against fresh on Göppingen. The lead of the spreadsheet on defending champion and record champion THW Kiel, who was struggling on Thursday to a tight success in Norway, grew to six points. National player Lukas Mertens was successful with seven goals of SCM. For the clearly inferior Göppinger met Mertens’ national team colleague Sebastian Heymann nine times.

“That was outstanding today and also support in the hall was sensational,” said Magdeburg’s Gisli Thorgeir Kristjansson at “Sky”: “We showed a strong line and had a strong flow in the game.” Heymann meanwhile, meanwhile, “they rolled over us in the first half with their tempo game.”

Maybe Alfred calls me again with me.

Lukas Mertens

Mertens once again convinced left outside and was then addressed to the national coach Alfred Gislason present in the hall. “I did not know he’s here, but it’s glad, of course, I’m glad I made a good game and hope it goes on. Maybe Alfred calls me again.”

In the second game on Thursday, the Mt Melsungen won at the bottom of TSV GWD Minden with 26:22 (11: 9) and thus keeps us in contact with the European apocrats. However, the initial phase was Timo Kastening & Co. completely, Minden led to 6: 2 after 13 minutes. Already at the break melsungen had turned the game. Best thrower at the winner team was European champion Kai Häfner with six hits, for Minden right-in-home Tomas Urban also made six goals (at four seven meters).

SC Magdeburg – fresh on Göppingen 37:26 (20: 9)

Goals for Magdeburg: Mertens 7, O. I. Magnusson 5/2, Suckstrup 5, Ph. Weber 5, G. T. Kristjansson 4, Smits 4, Gullerud 2, D. Pettersson 2, Bezjak 1, Chrapkowski 1, Musche 1
Goals for Göppingen: Heymann 9, Gulliksen 4/4, Schiller 4/1, Kozina 3, Hermann 2, Lindenchrone Andersen 2, Ellebaek 1, Hejny 1
Referee: Marijo Zupanovic (Berlin) / Martin Thöne (Berlin)
Viewers: 2920
Criminal minutes: 4/6
Disqualification: \ – / –

TSV GWD Minden – Mt Melsungen 22:26 (9:11)

SC Magdeburg - FRISCH AUF! Göppingen | Highlights - LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga 2021/22
Goals for Minden: Urban 6/4, Schluroff 5, Darmum 3, Master 3, Jukic 2, Grebec 1, Korte 1, Pieczkowski 1

Goals for Melsungen: K. Häfner 6, E. Jonsson 5, Kunkel 4, Kühn 4, Kastening 3, Reichmann 3/3, Allendorf 1
Referee: Sascha Schmidt (Bochum) / Frederic Linker (Bochum)
Viewers: 932
Criminal minutes: 10/4
Disqualification: Master (53./3. Time penalty) / –