Xbox Game Pass adds 2 new games for Valentines Day

Xbox Game Pass has just added two new games to coincide with Valentine’s Day this year. While these games in question have nothing to do with the holidays, their arrival at the Xbox subscription platform turns out to be a good gift for those who seek to feel loved this year. However, perhaps the best part that Xbox adds two new titles to Xbox Game Pass today is that those who subscribe to any level of service (either Xbox Game Pass for Console / PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) will be able to harvest these benefits

The two titles that have been released today for Xbox Game Pass are that of arca: evolved survival and infierno. Arca is a game that has been a beloved survival game over the years, and although it is a little older at this time, the version that has been added to Game Pass is the definitive survivor_esshipment, which means it groups All in a single package. Fierno On the other hand, is a new independent lateral displacement action game that comes with a fantastic sense of style.

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Even though I arca could be the most popular title of these two, in-ever add to Game Pass is quite special in its own way. Specifically, today is the launch date of the game in a general sense, which means that it has reached Xbox Game Pass on the first day of its availability. So, if you are someone who was already interested in playing _infield now you can do it without having to buy the game directly.

For more information about these two new games at Xbox Game Pass, you can find a description of each one then along with an advance that highlights what they imply.

_ARCA: _ _ Definitive survivor edition _ (Game Pass for PC, console and cloud) : “Stranging on the coasts of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primal creatures that roam the land, and find other players to survive, dominate… and escape! “

infierno (Game Pass for PC, Console and Cloud) : «infield is the adventures of a great gentleman who returns to the native land of him just to find her full of profane magic. He discovers the mysteries of the curse and faces the consequences of your actions. “