“Apex Legends” Silentonf is pointed out in the new season. “Door seal” is impossible with Roba and Levnants ULT

From February 9th, the new season “Defiism” has opened “ Apex Legends “. Elements such as new legend Mad Maggy and Limited Mode Control are attracting attention. The regulation of legend is also a topic, and the operability of crypt’s ability was improved while the coasted NOx gastrap was weakened. Such adjustment information is described in detail in the patch notes that Respawn Entertainment is officially announced (related articles). On the other hand, it seems that there was a change in the patch note without a description. Some of them are shaking to players as a silent knurf. Let’s check some of these changes.

First of all about Roba. Speaking of Loba’s Ultimate Ability, it is a black market. Portable devices can be installed and the items that have fallen around can be recovered up to two. While this portable device is the main purpose, it may be used differently with a little devise. For example, it is a “door seal”. By installing it immediately before the door, the door is pulled and can not be opened and closed. It has been known as a little useful technique, such as when you seal external access in Baishiro.

However, after updating the new season, it has not been possible to seal the door with the black market. Even if you install it soon, the door has opened and closed the black market and has become unlikely to be blockade. Of course there is no problem with the main purpose item collection, but it seems that the player who used the door seal as a technique seems dissatisfied. Verified in the magazine, similar changes are also applied to Levnents, and it is impossible to seal the door with the desert. On the other hand, the coasted gas trap has still had a collision judgment with the door, and it was possible to seal the door.

In addition, user reports are also pointed out for Watson’s nauf. Peripheral security, which is her tactical ability, temporarily weakens the enemies that have passed through the fence. Specifically, damage is given and the moving speed is reduced. However, the user pointed out that the nauf is included on this debuff effect. Certainly, the enemies that have passed the fence have a reduced movement speed, but it is reported that it does not decrease until the camera movement is different from the previous time. This means that there is no failure in matching the aim at the time of Aim. This specification is not described in the patch note, but it is unknown whether it is intentional change or failure.

On the other hand, there is a bug that has been referred to from the formula, and some of them have been corrected. Respawn Entertainment announced on February 10 and unintended changes for SMG weapons. It seems that the diffusion at the time of lumbar shot was increased from the assumption. About here, it has already been corrected to the specified value. In addition to the last update of February 11, the teamwork badge has become available in control mode, and the behavior of the piece keeper when wearing a kinetic feeder was fixed.

Among the “Silentonaf”, which is listed this time, it is not clear that any of the specifications are defective. Since RESPAWN Entertainment is active in information disclosure and correction patch delivery, information will be revealed in the future. “Apex Legends” is open for the new season “Deferiance”. Collection events will be held from February 16 (Related Articles).