Dog Grappling Hook Action “Grapple Dog” to February 10 delivery in STeam. Wanko swing and run through the stages full of difficulties

Publisher SUPER RARE ORIGINALS announced on January 28 to deliver the action game “ Grapple Dog ” to the MEDALLION GAMES work on February 10. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / Nintendo Switch.

“Grapple Dog” is a 2D action game with a dog pablo as a protagonist. With the appearance of the bad man of the robot that plans the ruin of the world, Pablo will face with his friends. There are six areas in this work, and 33 stages are included in it. Areas such as colorful southern countries and snow-filled forest areas and dungeons that are snowing are confirmed.

This work seems to be centered on gameplays, which will take a number of difficulties, using Pablo’s equipment and actions, and the stages gimmicks. It appears that an enemy robot also appears, but here is also possible to be arranged as one of the obstacles. It will be a body hit in the rolling state when jumping.

In the stage, there are traps that become mistakes and traps and floors that are missed, and also scaffolds that can not be overcome in normal jumps, and there is an active part of the grapping hook equipped with Pablo. You can stabbed the ceiling or blue part of the wall, swing, jump over the trap, and go on a high scaffold and jump to a high scaffold.

Grapple Dog - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer
Each stage is a large number of fruits, which is a collection item, and its arrangement seems to be a guide for the capture route. It will be an integral to acquire, and for that purpose, it will be required to properly handle actions such as the grapping hook mentioned above. In addition, hidden item areas are also in the stage. In order to reach there, more delicate operations are required.

In the trailer, a scene that hands carrots to goat characters in front of the closed door. There may be an element that looks for a specified item to access a specific area. And at the end of the area, a huge robot’s boss stands up. It will be attacked by making use of equipment and actions in the form of characteristics of each boss.

This work shows that pop visuals and cute characters in dot pictures are impressive, but it will be possible to become a gameplay that can not be removed for accurate action operations. Game mode also contains time trial modes that can challenge the speed run. Also, for people who just want to enjoy it vice versa, a large number of accessibility options will be prepared.

“Grapple Dog” scheduled for February 10 for PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch. In addition, the presence or absence of domestic delivery of the Nintendo Switch version is unclear at this time.