Blade and soul

Closed beta test of “Phantom Blaid offers” starts today. Additional recruitment of participants is also accepted! Welcome to Phantom World, which combines Kung Fu and Dark Fantasy

SGAME Company has informed that the CBT for Android terminals was started in the Stylish RPG “Phantom Blade Offer”, which is scheduled to start service within 2022.

SGAME Company has launched a closed beta test (hereinafter referred to as CBT) for Android terminals in a stylish action RPG “Phantom Blaid offender” scheduled to start service within 2022. The period is until 25:00 on February 10 (planned).

In addition to CBT implementation, various events will be held in the game, and CBT participants will also prepare limited items that will be handed over to the official version.

Since additional recruitment of CBT participants is accepted, please join us by all means.

# Introduction

“Phantom Blade Offer” is a stylish action RPG game that combines Kung Fu and Dark Fantasy. Manipulate the main character, which is a member called “organization”, which is active in the back of the history, and unfold the fictional world called “Phantom World” and unlike the mystery of the story.

# Able Character Introduction

Swordsman “Soul” (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)
He has a strong trust in the “organization” and is a member of the incident, which is an organization, and is active as an important piece.

Character Properties: Proximity attackers are only treated and the thermal power is quite high. Able characters that can demonstrate their power by combining various skills.

Princessing Princess “Kojima” (CV: Ishikawa Yui)
One daughter of “tough” leader “tough” leader. She was carefully raised. She reads various poems and lonesome girl.

Character characteristics: Battle style that summon and uses guardian. It has excellent speed of the skills and special machines with easy-to-use regular techniques and various derivatives, and if you use the guardial Summoner, you can attack without a gap.

# Color with thick and deep stories with high quality animation video

Miling traditional paper ink lights and animations, and you can enjoy the novel video expression that “appear to move pictures”. In this CBT CBT “Love”, “Love on Life”, Chapter 2, “Prohibition, Not Law”, Chapter 3, “Clap of Qinguality” can be experienced.

# Surely feeling and thrilling battle with a simple operation “Feeling feeling”

The skill chain, which is a feature of this work, can customize the order of triggering skills to create an original collaboration technique. Not only the power, but also a brilliant combo that looks particular about can easily be activated.

# Apical illusion appears!

It can be summoned and used as a phantom as an illusion of the phantom world history and the person who is active in the anecdote.

By linking the ginseng to the skills, it is not only able to significantly power up the skills, but also triggered the original skills of the illusion, and the appearance will be more brilliant. However, the game skilled operation is the key to victory!

# CBT commemorative event is also held

In addition to the CBT implementation, various events will be held, and just achieving all the missions in the game will give you a “flower-off exchange ticket” that can exchange limited costumes after releasing release.

Cyberpunk Documentary PART 3 | The Matrix, System Shock, Snow Crash, Hackers, VR & Simulation Theory

※ We need a SGAME account that you have registered for the receipt of the flower clothes exchange ticket.

# Add CBT Participants Recruitment

If you have forgotten to register in the reception period, if you are interested after the start of the closed beta test, please register for this opportunity and enjoy “Phantom Blaid Offer”.

[Additional Recruitment Recruitment Period]
Deadline January 29 (Saturday) until 19:00 pm

[Recruitment number]
1,000 Android version

【way to participate】
Closed β test Recruitment Form ( Please register.

On the day of registering, we will inform you of the participation method and the participating site by e-mail.


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