Back to the roots: First insights into Gran Turismo 7

In just under a month, the time has come. Gran Turismo 7 appears exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and 5. Unlike a long time, then players on the older console generation can also let the tire.

To deliver a first foretaste, Polyphony Digital and Sony presented the fans an appetizer. A 30-minute trailer shows what to experience.

Direct in the first few minutes becomes clear: The reverse gear is inserted – it goes back to the roots. This is likely that, above all, those who missed in its predecessor, Gran Turismo Sport, a certain thing: an offline career.

As the name additive approaches sports, it was in this part mainly to the online competition. But that came right after the start on criticism. Although the Japanese developer studio responded and supplied an offline campaign, but these showed very lean: a few racing classes, therein different cups. Development, red thread? Funding.

with little means to the star of the city

In the new part this should change again. The driver starts with few coins in a fictitious city. This appears as a map on which there are different places. Those can then be visited, but must gradually be unlocked. Finally, it says: win the race, earn money and thus either buy new cars or topot the car. Overall, over 400 cars are available for selection.

If you have only little coins available, you can buy this discount. Newly there are you in the already well-known Brand Central and who wants to specify something virtually, can also purchase legendary cars. This celebrates the popular world mode a comeback, which already existed in Gran Turismo 4.

with beats for relaxation or maximum performance

Arrived in this world, the driver hops into a Porsche Carrera Speedster ’56. However, not to demonstrate his speed, but the rhythm feeling. Newcomers can use “faster or motivating” music relaxes the car and make adjustments. Exercised make it easy a timing with control points.

New in the game: The Music Rally Polyphony Digital

Who needs a little strengthening, can choose the cafe on the map. Instead of a beverage and menu, there are “Menujahn” with different activities. If these are completed, there are new cars and other elements.

If first rounds were turned, this can be demonstrated in the license center. Using various tests, the driver learns techniques that may be useful on the GT7 journey. There are also license certificates on top of that.

So that the car also improves, new tuning parts can be purchased. A relatively unspectacular car can be used after some steps to the eye-catcher of the race. With optimized time and weather change, however, the environment should be a feast for the eyes.

Realistic weather conditions

The Road to Gran Turismo 7 Starts Now...

Depending on the location of the racetrack there are adapted temperatures and precipitation probabilities. In rain, puddles form, the routes should also dry realistic. At least within the series could set the new standards. Lastly, the racing simulation IraCing sought that.

Speaking of Optics: The overlay and menu is likely to know the GT sports players. Because here nothing has changed except the World Map. The function to shoot photos and create collages (Scapes) is similar to the predecessor.

The World Map on the well-known overlay polyphony digital

Of course, there is also a multiplayer again. Either via split screen on a screen or online. This is identical to Gran Turismo Sport.

Although Polyphony digitally sets the reverse gear, but by no means without progressing. What was good in Gran Turismo Sport remains. What was criticized took the developers to hearts. In addition, the already known and popular career mode from Gran Turismo 4 is not simply warmed up, but the idea for further content and modes expanded.

Only the new weather conditions could bring the part to slip. Otherwise, he offers something for everyone – whether new on the steering wheel, longtime driver or arcade and simulation fans.