YouTube Star: Streamer Valkyrae is back with a great announcement!

The “Queen of Yououtube” is back – the multi-week streaming break comes to an end. Occasion for the break was the expiration of your exclusive contract with YouTube. But the time without regular streams, the 30-year-old did not get well.

This is now conclusion, because with a costly produced video, the US streamer now reveals on which platform your streams will be visible in the future. Most recently, there were many rumors around a partnership with Facebook gaming. Or returns to twitch?

Also interesting: Valkyrae asks fans: “Listen to sexualize everything I do!”

Who is Valkyrae?

Rachell Hofstetter Alias ​​Valkyrae streamed earlier like so many of her colleagues at Twitch, but later switched exclusively to YouTube. ** Since then, the transfers of the 30-year-olds can only be seen at the Google platform.

There she currently has around 3.6 million subscribers and develops the status of the “Queen of YouTube”. This is how the 30-year-old American is called because it is the highly strongest streamer on YouTube , so there has the streams with most viewers.

The Queen of YouTube is back!

In mid-January, Valkyrae announced surprisingly a longer break . The occasion was the expiration of their exclusive contract with YouTube. Since then it had become quite quiet around the streamer.

But now she returns by releasing a complex produced video on YouTube and Twitter, which she celebrates her comeback and announces where her streams are now visible.

Where Streaming Valkyrae in the future?

In fact, Valkyrae has once again completed a contract with Google and streaming continued to exclusively on Youtube. In the video announcement, she makes fun of the rumors, she would go to Facebook gaming or even go back to Twitch.

Fans are facilitated

My new streaming platform announcement! (And behind the scenes!)
Your fans react to social media platforms with relief and joy. “The Queen of Yououtube has come to stay” states, for example, in a tweet. Also the allusions to the rumors on Facebook Gaming and Co. are appreciated by their followers.