Why Nagelsmann not to a sweet

Rate Will Julian Nagelsman does not take the release free change from Niklas Slee to Borussia Dortmund, “because that is not my decision and not my life”. Although the Bayern coach has an opinion about what he had made in the same situation, but otherwise does not intervene. “I do not have to know what his motivations were. I know a couple.”

The fact is that the Slee set under Nagelsmann will only be about four months at Bayern for about four months, and until then, “we should take advantage of his qualities. I expect him to raise everything and gives full throttle.”

I expect him to raise everything and gives full throttle. Until the last day.

Julian Nagelsmann

Especially for the reason that Slee can import yes, Nagelsmann believes that the now fixed farewell also “a good situation can be”.

Nagelsmann evaluates training performance – not contractual details

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Now to degrade the national player to the replacement player, at least not in question. “As a coach, I have the task of getting the current sporting situation and the training performance – without contractual details.” He could, supplemented Nagelsmann, who understand the closed view, “that one tries to promote players who still have a long-term contract.”

But that would mean, however, “that a player who extends his contract for five years must always play – shit, like the trained.” That that is not enough, Nagelsmann made clear in the case Tanguy Nianzou. “And the player whose contract expires may not play anymore. That makes, I think, not always sense. From the coaching point of view it is important to rate the sporting situation; which team suits best to the respective opponent? Which player has Currently the best shape? “

Slee has strong values

And there, Slee in the Munich defense series is at the front, he commits the few fouls from all Bayern-defenders, has the least fouls, which has the best average grade (3.02) and becomes a bugging rate (65.1 percent) only from Lucas Hernandez (66.5) Totoppt. “I can not buy anything in the summer if we would stand without title, but I only let players play, who have five years contract, but everyone was out of the form. Nobody says: ‘Okay, Julian, you may Stay of office. You have all players to play, which are still bound to Bayern Munich. ‘”

Nagelsmann: “Times you wins, sometimes you lose, sometimes you do both”

Nagelsmann, who always contains itself from contracts, focuses instead on the athletic goals this season, in which the eighth-final first leg of the Champions League in Salzburg is pending on Wednesday. “I can understand that one or the other fan is awesome, but it is unfortunately in football that players will even change there, where you can not find it outstanding. On the other hand, we’ll also bring players from clubs where it is The fans very, very good find. Times you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you do both. “