NHL 22: IIHF update brings womens powers to virtual ice

2K Games in 2019 for NBA 2K20 integrated the WNBA and thus players and women teams in the basketball simulation series, EA SPORTS itself had gone this step for the first time in 2015 for FIFA 16. Even then, the public had perceived this step as long ago.

The NHL franchise attracted on Thursday – almost six and a half years after FIFA. The new update to the contents of the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) has ten damnational teams in luggage, including the German selection. In addition, the Women’s World Cup in NHL 22 is also playable in the future.

World Association Receives Representation

NHL 22 IIHF Women's Hockey Update

“It was really a privilege to lace my digital skates for the first time in NHL 22. And that I play for my country, the whole thing is still surreal,” the Canadian Marie-Philip Poulin is quoted in a message. “Representation is important. And I am pleased that every young woman taking a controller taking hand to play NHL 22 can feel that ice hockey is her sport.”

In addition to the ten women’s teams, 16 men’s teams and the men’s world championship have been added under the screen of IIHF. The new contents are available in different modes like “Play Now”, “Online VS”, “Threes Now” or “Shootout”. They conclude the implementation of the prestigious Junior World Championship of the IIHF’s prestigious Junior World Championship already in December.

“Mirrors the diversity of the fanbase”

“The introduction of these new IIHF content in NHL 22 continues the development of the series and reflects the increasing diversity of their fanbase,” says Sean Ramjagsingh, VP and GM at EA Sports. “We are very proud to be able to present these incredible talents from all over the world – and above all the international women’s teams – if they give their chel debut.”

EA SPORTS continues to equip equality in terms of equality and thus sets a late but important sign. If Gaming had long been considered men’s domain, the relationship between the genders 2021 in Germany was, according to Statista, almost balanced (53 percent men, 47 percent women). The industry gradually takes into account this development – although still air is still upwards.

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