Baumann about contract talks: “We are in the middle”

Dave Portnoy's CRAZY Contract Negotiation with Rico Bosco | 2021 Pick Em Week 1
Further meetings between Baumann and the Werder Supervisory Board are still expanding until a decision is expected in this matter. That it could come this week, despite some dynamics, it is unlikely; At least in the next two, three days is not yet going to be assumed. But you want to “do not go forever”, so the 46-year-old.

“We are in the midst of it,” says Bremens Sportschef therefore on the contractuals in which there is so far due to the new occupation of the Supervisory Board “in particular a content and strategic orientation”. According to Baumann, this vote is “very important for both sides”. Probably even more important than numbers and the contract period, which were so far less part of the talks – but that further cooperation in the end would not fail.

Meanwhile, Baumann continues to transmit transfer restraint on the penultimate day of the current change period. “As far as our squad is concerned, little to nothing will happen,” says the sports chief, but without finally excluding to become active on Monday, “if we can improve ourselves”. That the Bremen crew would be a new impulse by the obligation of a player, he does not look for necessary in view of the recent sporting development. Werder won the past five second ligament games in series.