Ski jumping: Single of women at Olympia 2022

Ski Preder Katharina Althaus has provided with silver from the normal hill for the first German medal at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. The Uberstdorferin leading after the first passage had to give himself only the Slovenine Ursa Bogataj. Bronze went to another Slovenin in Nika Kriznar.

Already four years ago, Althaus Silber had won behind Maren Lundby. Because the Norwegian is currently pausing and Topfavoritin Marita Kramer (Austria) has been tested positively on Corona, the door to the Olympic Said was wide open.

Only for the third time did women ski jumping belonged to the Olympic program, for the third time a German was on the podium. At the Premiere 2014 Carina Vogt had brought gold.

Ski jumping: Single of women at Olympia 2022 in Beijing – the end result

Rank Name Points
1 Bogataj (SLO) 239.0
2 Althaus (GER) 236.8
3 Kriznar (SLO) 232.0
4 Takanashi (JPN) 224.1
5 Klinec (SLO) 215.4
6 OPSTH (NOR) 200.5
7 Eder (AUT) 193.4
8 Makhinia (Rus) 180.9
9 Iraschko Pride (AUT) 178.0
10 Seto (JPN) 176.5

Ski jumping: Single of ladies at Olympia 2022 in Beijing – the Liveticker for reading

Conclusion | In the end it is not quite not enough for the gold medal for Katharina Althaus. But the Germans can not accuse much; Both the first and the second jump were “error-free”, as ARD -Experte Sven Hannahwald stressed.

Ski jumping: Single of the ladies at Olympia 2022 in Beijing – the 2nd pass now in the Livetick – End of Jump


That does not exist! 95 meters would have been enough to victory, but Althaus lands only at 94 meters and thus has to be beaten the Slovenin Bogataj

The chance for Althaus

Now it counts! Katharina Althaus has now very good chances for a podium rank. But she also creates gold?

Slovenian triple pack

The three Sloven women fulfill the expectations highly established due to the first passage. Klinec, thanks to its 90.5 meters, only lands behind Takanashi, Kriznar (99.5 meters) and Bogataj (100 meters), on the other hand, in front of her.

Takanashi surpasses expectations

The Japanese woman keeps the door open as far as possible, again expect a podium place to reach. Almost exactly 100 meters will succeed. The total score of 224.1 points is so far unsurpassed.

It is getting serious

Next, the decisions are around the topplaces. So it gets exciting!

Pagnier and Bjoerseth disappoint

Your high-strong first passages can not confirm the Frenchwoman pagnier and the Norwegian Bjoerseth. Both remain under the 80-meter mark

Irina Avvakumova

With a jump around the 90 meters, the Russian reaches the topplaces.

Eder and Iraschko pride on the train

The two Austrians can take advantage of the improved wind conditions. Eder manages to surpass the 90 meters, which is likely to be a top 10 place. It looks similar to Iraschko pride, whose 83 meters should place them in the midfield.

Makhinia again strong

She was probably not on the radar of many in the run-up to jumping, but what the only 19-year-old Makhinia can be delivered here is quite optimistic votes on the future of the Russian. 90 meters are synonymous with 180.9 points in total.

Eva Pinkelig

The first Austrian has brought her second jump behind him. Despite solid 84 meters, it is hardly enough for you for the top 10.

Haralambie disappointed

After a very convincing first jump for the Romanian, this performance can not build on this performance: on just 79.5 meters, it comes to what she should carry far outside the top 10.

Hessler falls back

While she was allowed to call second best Germans earlier, this attribute is no longer at her. 83 meters and a total of 161.9 points are just the (currently) eleventh place.

Westmann takes on leadership

The Swedine Frida Westmann can build on a sovereign first jump and scores a total result of 175.5 points.

Seyfarth before Friday

The much better first jump allows the second German, Juliane Seyfarth to take the first place in front of Selina Friday. However, their 88 meters at the second attempt can still be seen anyway.

Friday exceeds

After a mediocre first jump, Selina brings Friday again almost everything with this second attempt. A total of 90 meters give a total score of 163.

Malsiner starts

The Italian Jessica Malsiner opens the second pass. At 75.5 meters, it comes in the end.

Luke 14

The second pass will still be denied from the 14th hatch.

Ski jumping: Single of women at Olympia 2022 in Beijing now in the Liveticker – the result of the 1st passage

Rank Name Points
1 Althaus (GER) 121.1
2 Bogataj (SLO) 118.0
3 Kriznar (SLO) 113.9
4 Klinec (SLO) 112.1
5 Takanashi (JPN) 108.7
6 Bjoerseth (NOR) 104.1
7 Pagnier (FRA) 102.1
8 Rogelj (SLO) 101.7
9 Avvakumova (RUS) 99.6
10 Ito (JPN) 95.5

Ski jumping: Single of women at Olympia 2022 in Beijing – the 1st passage in the live ticker for reading

To be continued soon

There will not be a long break here. Already in a few minutes the 2nd pass starts


For the second round, all four German jumpers are actually qualified. Of course, our special focus is on Katharina Althaus, which is currently the leadership and thus the best chances of providing Germany the first Olympic medal.


A rather quiet event, especially to the end, has started powerfully. Jump for jump the jumpers exceeded the respective result of their predecessor. And this principle should prevail until the end: first the Slovenin Bogataj succeeds a new Schanzen record, then Katharina Althaus pulls past her again thanks to better shape.

Ski jumping: Single of ladies at Olympia 2022 in Beijing now in the Livetick – end of the first passage

Althaus unstoppable

Insanity! And in fact, Katharina Althaus can surpass the strong result of Slovenin Bogotaj, who had previously set up a new Schanzen record. Unbelief 121.1 Points for both a clean jump and land shape give it the clear first place after the first passage.

Slovenes dominate

The late starting Sloven women convince all. Klinec (112.1), Kriznar (113.9) and BogataJ (118.0) directly occupy the first three places. What a power demonstration. But now Germany’s Hoffnunf Katharina Althaus – does she manage the leap in one?

Hatch height changed again

The wind application requires a constant adaptation of the starting point. Now the hatch was lowered from 15 to 14.

The level rises

As expected, the quality of the event increases, the farther we approach the last jumpers. First, the next Japanese woman returns with 94.8 points and directly thereafter, the Norwegian Bjoerseth will bring the first place with 99.5 meters or 104.1 points

ITO outstanding

According to Seto, Itto sets the second Japanese in the back of the leading Avvakumova. Impressive 94 meters rates the jury with 95.5 meters.

Pauline Hessler becomes best German

The third German Springer Pauline Hessler jumps to very strong 89.5 meters, which gives her to fifth place. With this result, your participation in the second pass is already safe.

Next Disqualification

After the Austrian Sophia Schorschag, the second Canadian Alexandria Loutitt was now taken from the rating. Bitter message for the North Americans who had really invested a lot to bring their athletes to the start.

Next leadership

Now we’re getting one after the other! After the new range of Suto, it exceeded directly in the next attempt by Irina Avvakumova. The measured 95 meters are synonymous with 99.6 points.

Yuka Seto with new best value

Despite little upright, the Japanese Seto is playing proud 94.5 meters on the hill. This is the current clear first place.

Juliane Seyfarth

The first Germans follow directly the second. Juliane Seyfarth finds the jumping point better than its predecessor and may even be 78.7 points, respectively, to the (initially) fourth place.

The first German on the train

With Selina Friday, the first Germans arrived at the finish. Although she could not build on her strong training performance, with 80 meters and a total of 69.8 points, she is committed to a sovereign eighth place for the time being.

Daniela Haralambie jumps rank two

The long wait makes the routinized Springer seemingly not much. With a two hatch-extended runway, it creates the experienced Romanier in the end in the second place.

Many delays

Due to the small wind volume, jumping must always be paused again. The organizers have now relocated the start-up point several times.

Jumping takes on ride

Now comes here for the first time more tension. With the second Indrackova sister as well as the Canadian Strate, the TOP-5 increases quality.

Russian double top

Even after twelve jumps, the so far leading Makhinia nobody can really come close. Landswoman Thikanova is still the best attempt: 70.3 points help her rank two.

Snowboarding: Women's Slopestyle | Highlights | Beijing 2022 Olympics
Makhinia shows what is possible

After many rather moderate results, the young Russian Makhinia shows in approaches that can expect us today. With 85.4 points, she takes over the lead after eight jumps.

Indrackova after five jumps forward

It goes quietly here. The best impression has so far made the two Czech Indrackova and Ulrichova, whereby the former leads with 62.8 points just before the Italian Malsiner (62.0).

Here we go

The American Ana Hoffmann marks the prelude. With 64 meters, however, much air is possible here.

Ski jumping: Single of ladies at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the Liveticker – before starting

Before starting: Opportunities on the first German medal are high. With Katharina Althaus is one of the favorites in the German rows.

Before starting: The venue for the individual of the ladies is the Snow Ruyi National Ski Jumping Center. Among the four German jumpers, Katharina Althaus has probably the best chances of a medal.

Before starting: Single jumping of the ladies is running in two passes today. In the second pass, it is decided which the athletes bronze, silver or gold snaps.

Before starting: Welcome to the Liveticker for the Ladies Kispringen at Olympia 2022 in Beijing! The competition starts at 11.45.

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Ski jumping: The German team for Olympia 2022 in Beijing

Ladies Men’s
Katharina Althaus Markus Eisenbichler
Selina Friday Karl Geiger
Pauline Hessler Stephan Leyhe
Juliane Seyfarth Pius Pashke
Constantin Schmid