Dying Light 2 – Thats how you get your first bow

Bows in Dying Light 2 are great tools. Thanks to your ranged weapons, you can sometimes thin out the hordes of zombies from safe places. Unlike other weapons, they have no durability, so you can always use them as long as you have enough arrows in the bag. You can make this on the way, as long as you find some scrap and feathers.

But you will have to play a few hours before you can convert to the footsteps of Robin Hood.

The way to the first bow

Follow the main quest: If there is time to leave Alt-Villedor, you will receive the task Wal (t) Certanette . In the course of the quest, you not only reach the second area of ​​the game, but also receives the pipe bow, a rare level 2-bolt.

In addition, you learn the first blueprints for arrows. You can then buy more blueprints at dealers. The higher your stage, the greater the selection.

Alternative method for the first sheet

Your first arch from Level 3: Most arches you receive from dealers. As soon as Aiden Level 3 has reached, they are offered for all kinds of NPCs. Of course, there is a little luck with whether and which is offered. We also had a legendary sports bow at the first dealer, which we visited.

Depending on your style of example, your level 3 can already be reached in Alt-Villedor. Then the dealer method is definitely faster than the main quest variant.

For more wumms: The Peacekeeper Crossbow

For a particularly strong fenkampf weapon, your areas have to be conquered for the Peacekeeper. One of the advantages you grant you is the crossbow package . Incidentally, you will learn what you can get from the political groups in our Fractions Guide:

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With the crossbow you can fire five bolts in quick succession before you have to reload. Up on top, you will receive all bolt recipes for free on top.

Especially useful: The biggest advantage is that the crossbow scales. That means she adapts to your level and you do not always have to buy a new weapon.

Other guides on Peacekeeper

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Are you fans from the bow or preferably you more the brachial haplauf method?