Blue Microphone, Streaming Bundle Set Yi Caster & Unemployed Tiger Collaboration Products

Studio Microphone and Burning Global Microphone Brand “Blue Microphone (Blue Microphone, Below) ‘Blue Microphone (Blue Microphone, Below Blue)’ is a Premium Streaming Bundle of Black Color Concept ‘Yeticaster’ Limited collaboration with the “Blue Mike X-unique Tiger Special Edition” announced on the 8th.

The newly introduced ‘Yesterday Casters’ in Blue, has a bundle that collects an item that is essential for efficient audio recording and streaming.

Blue Yeti (YETI) microphone is a Bestseller USB microphone product for studio-class recording and streaming. Single-directional mode, which is a single-directional mode, which is a single-directional mode, which is the front sound of the product, is a stereo mode capable of making all the sounds around the microphone, a microid mode, a bidirectional mode, which can make a stereoscopic and stereoscopic sound, Applying a pick-up pattern to a variety of environments, it is possible to use the Blue Voice (Blue VO! CE), which is a dedicated software, enabling EQ adjustment or detailed sound customizing. It is also possible to control intuitive controls with mute buttons and sensitivity control dials, and are easily convenient for use by simply connecting to USB.

With RADIUS III shockmount, you can secure a stable content authoring environment. You can protect the microphone from external vibration and impact and keep the sound quality that can not be changed, lightweight, thin, and stable streaky streaming environment can be created.

COMPASS Boom Cancer is a must-seek for places and situations that are suitable for proper mickey. If you do not use a separate tool, you will be fixed if you tighten the hinge with your hand. It can also be rotated by 360 degrees, so that the degree of microphone exposure can be adjusted during progress, such as streaming and podcast recording. In addition, it has a built-in design so that the cable wiring is cleanly organized.

Blue and unexpected tigers are in the year of the black tiger to proceed with the brand collaboration. 7-day ‘Blue Mike X Unfinished Tiger Special Edition’ consists of oligonotes, ballpoints, microphone foam covers, two kinds of books, and two desk mats, which have a plump splashing sensibility in Yi Mike and unemployed Tiger only.

Meeting with the design and studio-level performance of the black color and the recent micent Tiger Goods, which are recently attracted, is attracting a lot of space of MZ generations that dream of popular creators. ‘Blue Mike X Unmployed Tiger Special Edition’ can be purchased from online mall.

Trying Out the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition Mic and Voice Mods

Unemployed Tigger is a character brand for those who want to do a free life and aims to do as a “unemployed” and “Tiger: Big Cat). The representative character ‘Fat Tiger’ (fat tiger), which attention is the lovely and wrong appearance of the tiger, is a lot of love and interest in modern people and interests.

Logitech Korea Yoon Jae-young’s office said, “I can create a premium creative environment that I wanted to be with the Year of the finished streaming bundle,” he said, “” I am very interested in the year of the black tiger, I said.