Logitech, participating in official sponsor of 2022 LCK Spring

[Data provided: Logitech]

\ – Participate in official sponsor after 2018, and this year will be planned for various league support activities

\ – Estimated to open by the economy, Hangzhou Asian Games Adoption, etc.

Logitech is also a sponsorship with LCK this year.

Personal peripheral companies Logitech Korea said, “2022 Champions Korea Spring” (20222 LCK Springs) (20222 LCK Spring), Korea (20222 LCK Spring), Korea (26th).

Logitech has participated in the official sponsor from the ‘2018 LACK’, and participated in this year and continued to establish partnerships for five consecutive years. Logitech is a formal sponsor qualification ▲ Advertising in relay broadcasting ▲ Roll Park’s brand exposure ▲ LOL-only content production support for LCK fans, etc.

The ‘2022 LCK Spring’, which opened on the last 12 days, has a total of 10 professional teams, and starts with a regular season 1 round rib sandbox and DRX, and for more than two months from March 20 to T1 and DRX The game is unfolded. It is expected that it is expected to be more hot than last year in the first time in Congo Roll Park LCK Arena for the first time since the proliferation of Corona 19.

This year, especially in 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, E-Sports is adopted as a formal stock, and there is a change in league schedule. Last year, the first round is the 5th, the 2nd round, the 2nd round was operated in the fourth day of the week, but in this season, all the first and second rounds will proceed to 5 days. The rest is the same as last year in February.

Logitech Korea Soon Jae-young’s office said, “I am going to be a great LCK and a sports market, and I am very honored to think of this season,” I will support “LCK’s unauthorized development and the official sponsor for the development of the Korean e-Sports.” I said the aspiration.

LCK 10th Anniversary Conglatulations | 2022 LCK Spring Split
LCK Lee Jungkook said, “I am very happy to have Logitech and a great journey with Logitech this year.” did.

Meanwhile, Logitech is working on the development of domestic E-sports market through pro-game-end support participating in LCK. In addition, through collaboration with Riot Games, we are actively active in the e-sports market, such as launching official gaming gears for gamers such as “Loge ch G Collection”.