Live Commerce 2.0: This trend will change the way we consume

By Leo Sold

Only in the Chinese market, the format of Live Commerce moved US $131 billion in 2021 and already represents 37% of total sales through social commerce (Marketer Consulting Data). There, Kwan, for example, has launched a Lives’ interaction format that allows users a better understanding of the product in real time with an endorsement of Creator or influencing and able to finalize the purchase within the application itself without those escaped For the payment tabs that take the purchaser from the process of new consumption and interactions .

This approximation with Creator, optimizes the consumer relationship with the brand and makes the sale much simpler for small merchants: Since Live Commerce reaches great mass, facilitates direct contact between those who buy and who produces, IMPORTANT Take doubts in real time.

The consumer, besides having more information and details about what he is acquiring, can even achieve a price reduction. That is, in this new format, the large intermediaries gain significant percentages on transactions and enter a more personal relationship between those who produce and who buy.

True discounts and a possibility of jumping the many times toxic relationships among retailers that rise prices to then offer discounts.

Added to this, the demand and demand strategy can be applied. Imagine a vegetable producer who can lower the price of tomato when reaching an X number of consumers watching your live and interested in your product? Paths of negotiations and packages can be validated through social listening that again allows real-time interaction – no masks, without intermediaries.

The possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises are enormous. According to a study conducted by BAND, FINTECH Brazilian offering payment solutions that connects Latin American consumers to global companies, online retail grew 41% this year and 59% of online purchases in Brazil were made by cell phone, just where it will be Emphasis to the model of the applications dedicated to the theme. In 2019, the percentage was about 15%.

Being present in the digital world has never been so important. With the advancement of technology it was much simpler to organize the logistics so that small-producing products are delivered to customers from all over the country. Democratization in logistics is opening this new sea of ​​opportunities and was fundamental so that Chinese plans can become reality here in the country.

The Live Commerce that you know is with the days counted and version 2.0 comes with everything. You will need to be attentive to this tendency not to lose market opportunities and take advantage to grow even more sales with social networks .

Leo Sold Io CEO of One Big Media, MediaTe ch specializes in developing and boosting Creators through model of society with channels

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