The Alps Loading Event of Winning. Notice in public liberal arts program

The first anniversary of the opening of the Dragon Spirits, which is the Write Winnie, the Dragon Spirits in the game in the game, started events with the Alps ‘Bill Tours’ resort from December 29th. And the content of this is attracting attention to the SBS Bridge Program ‘Talk Information Brunch’.

This event was in the form of a newly decorated Ski Resort, the Ski Resort, the highest place in the world. The Warp Point model that appears in the game was installed on the resort, and the lighting of this was also proceeded.

The dragon spine area of ​​the has been made of the motif of the Matter Horn of the Alps, which is a motif of the Alps, and the theme of the theme that connects the world in offline and games. The warp points ‘Lining expression’, which progressed in the foot of the foot, can also be confirmed by the highlights through YouTube.

SBS ‘Talk Information Brunch’ is a program that is broadcast at 10:30 am on Friday, and on January 21, the event of this was illuminated. Living in Paris, the ‘Landscape Design Expert’ Han Seung-hoon reporter, leaving his vacation directly to the ‘foot Taurus’, and this event of <Written.

In the ‘Foot Tours’, he faces the event to attach the gamers that could not be visited directly, around the resort, which is located in the main spot, I covered it.

He also conducted interview with visitors about what ‘Warp Points’. Live playing in the snow was also aired.


Meanwhile, has recently been updated 2.4, which has recently been a major update, and showed a new character ‘theology’, and ‘fuel’. In addition, the end of January will begin the schedule of 2.4 updates, and the most popular character ‘palm’ and ‘coo Woo’ are scheduled for the end of the game.