Locations of the floating Chinese lantern in Forza Horizon 5

Fora Horizon 5 is back with another collective task for you, this time with the hunt for lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year, which takes place on 1 February 2022.

These floating lanterns will illuminate the empty deserts at night and hover between the dunes during the day, which gives the game a great sense of liveliness to celebrate the event. The challenge of this week challenges you to drive through whopping 50 lanterns, which will definitely steam the excitement for the event, as all lights are deleted.

Nevertheless, you must receive your weekly festival playlist points and rewards, and this will help. Continue reading the best tips Locations of floating Chinese lantern in Fora Horizon 5 , and grab a place where you can hit a nice piece of lanterns with a jump.

Locations of floating Chinese lantern in Fora Horizon 5

Floating Chinese Lanterns in Fora Horizon 5 are found this week at the location Dunes Blanca’s in the West Mexico . They are scattered over the entire dunes.

You should use a higher vehicle, as some hover something over the floor. So a sports car will not always do the work.

If you also go to the place on the map, right under the n for Blanca’s, you will find a series of about half a dozen lanterns that hover in the air, which means that you can grab them all with a jump a dune. To do this, you should use a sports car for speed.


If you can not find anymore, you just have to unsubscribe from the game and log in again, so you can reset and continue to work on the target of 50.

This covers the locations of the Floating Chinese Lantern in Fora Horizon 5. Further, help for the game can be found in our list of the best off-road cars in Fora Horizon 5 and the fastest car in Fora Horizon 5.