How to catch Unown U, L, T, R and A during the Week Engima in Pokemon GO

After the end of the Dragon Week in Pokémon Go, August 7 at 13 hours, Pacific Time, Enigma Week begins. This is the second week of Ultra Unlock that the players were able to activate during Pokémon Go Fest 2020 after completing 16 global challenges. Enigma Week focuses on the most mysterious Pokémon, such as Known, Delays, and debut, Elem. You can catch known U, L, T, R and A letter during the event, but they will not be available in nature or in 7-kilometer eggs you receive with friends.

You can catch all KNOWN to come to Enigma Week by slaughtering them during raids. Furthermore, you must visit one of the gymnasiums in your area to see their location and beat them in a battle for yourself or with friends. No matter what kind of Known you are fighting, they all have the same statistics. It is a psychic Pokemon, which makes it low for bug, dark and ghost movements. You want to avoid using types of combat or poison when you fight them.

It is disappointing that these Pokémon are only available in raids. Many coaches can not leave their residence to explore the world because of COVID-19, and most rely on the use of remote raid passes when the coaches of their friends list send them an invitation. The remote raid passes are rare, and unless the coaches have sat on it, they must buy them in the game shop using real money or money.


Only assiduous collectors will probably use a remote raid pass to capture these elusive Pokémon because, at the same time, five-star raids of normal form Delays will take place. Of the two, Delays is worth more worth it, underestimating Known in all ways. It’s a bit of a waste.