The largest bot for metin2 was closed after the police station

M2Bob — the largest or one of the largest bots to metin2 ended its activity.

According to German media (e.g. ), in mid-December, the police entered the headquarters of M2Bob creators, stopping related people and confiscating computer equipment.

The main merit of Game forge, which in 2021 filed a notice of acting to the damage company in the German prosecutor’s office. The investigation took a few months and ended — as you can see and hear — the closure of the boxer service.

This is obviously a dot in the sea needs (other bots / hacks work and haulage), but you have to start with something? Truth?

Different sources argue that M2Bob had thousands of active customers, and generated revenues — over recent years — could even reach several million euros. The main merit of the programmer with the Slain nickname, which was talented enough that he celebrated the protection of the game and quickly published patches to the program (as soon as Game forge updated the client). As a result, M2Bob was virtually undetectable, and thus, super popular.

This message currently appears on the M2Bob website:


For various reasons, a decision was made to stop M2Bob.

Users who still have active keys will receive a refund in the future.

Both bots, but even more Metin2 are private servers that dozens are created, if not hundreds annually, causing painful losses for Game forge and Wezen. In this case, we do not hear about closing…