The purchase of Activision Blizzard affected Sonys position on the bag

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft on yesterday was not only a movement that increased the value of both companies in the stock market, but also reached Sony . In this way, has been revealed that the actions of this company decreased in a way that had not been seen since 2008.

According to Bloomberg, Sony’s actions in the stock exchange fell by 13%, approximately $20 billion of the value of the company . This has been the strongest blow that has been seen since in October 2008, the company was forced to withdraw 100 thousand laptop batteries due to the risk of fire.

However, the purchase of Activision Blizzard also had a positive result in other companies. Although at the moment there is no clear reason, Square Enix, Cap com and INAMI rose around 5%, while the price of Ubisoft increased by 11%. This is probably because shareholders have seen these companies as the next possible goal of Microsoft.

On the other hand, Nintendo was not affected in the least . While your actions decreased 0.22%, this was not an important enough blow. On related topics, Activision Blizzard actions were also benefited after purchase. In the same way, the US government could intervene in this acquisition.


Editor’s note:

This was to be expected. While many expected an immediate response from Sony and PlayStation, the companies stayed in total silence, something that surely played a role in the fall of actions. It will be interesting to see how PlayStation reacts in the coming days.