Bobby Kotick is pronounced on the purchase of Blizzard Activision

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has us all very surprised, but obviously this is something that both companies have already been talking about a very good time. The news was finally made official on the morning of Tuesday, January 18, and now the CEO of Activision , Bobby Kick, has explained the reasons behind this transaction.

Kick published an extensive communiqué directed to all employees of Activision Blizzard , in which he mentions a few points about why Microsoft was the ideal partner for the future of the company and All those who work in it:

Investments in cloud computing, and automatic learning, data analysis, and other topics of user experience, we consider that this association will allow us to better achieve our ambitious goals.

The culture of any organization, including ours, is exempt from improvements and, thanks to its contributions, we are advancing steps and bounds to improve ours. I am convinced to work to continue evolving our culture so that, once Microsoft arrives, there is an exemplary workplace.

The executive also considers that Xbox and Microsoft have the necessary technology to develop within the industry, especially talking about the met averse. It is not very clear about what the plans of Microsoft will be, but it is certainly information that will go out as time passes.

Editor’s note: Obviously, Kick could not say anything that was not positive about this whole thing, but I agree that Microsoft is the ideal partner to solve many of the problems that are currently living within Activision. Hopefully this transaction will result in something positive for everyone.