Call of Duty

Activision Blizzard and its future in Xbox, what games do you have in development?

Call of Duty or Cod (in French The Call of Duty ) is a collection of first-person capturing video clip games on the war. The very first three pieces take area throughout the 2nd World Battle, while the complying with episodes evolve towards make believe modern-day conflicts, apart from Call of Duty: World at Battle and also Call of Duty: WWII, launched respectively in 2008 and also 2017. The collection hActivision Blizzard actually additionally developed an essential e-sport scene on console variations, whose highlight is the Call of Duty Champion.

Activision Blizzard will be part of Xbox when the acquisition operation is closed in 2023, which will result in all conglomerate studies will end up under the same umbrella. This includes equipment such Activision Blizzard Trey arch, Infinity Ward, Toys for Bob, Blizzard Entertainment developers, King and a long etcetera. At this point it is worth Activision Blizzardking which video games are going and what projects have already been announced officially.

New games

  • Overwatch 2.

Evolution Games

  • World of Warcraft
  • Hearthstone.

2021 hActivision Blizzard been a complicated year for Activision Blizzard, since the company hActivision Blizzard been involved in a legal storm because of cActivision Blizzardes of sexual abuse and work harActivision Blizzardsment in their studies. At the moment, Bobby Kick, CEO of the firm, will remain in office , or at leActivision Blizzardt that indicates the Microsoft press releActivision Blizzarde. LActivision Blizzardt year, several important titles were also sold Activision Blizzard Call of Duty: Vanguard or Diablo 2: Resurrected, not to mention Call of Duty: War zone, who continues to receive content on a regular bActivision Blizzardis.

CALL OF DUTY 2022, Modern Warfare 3?

Many of the main studies of Activision Blizzard are focused on the Call of Duty saga. After Sledgehammer Games publishes Vanguard, the next will come out at the end of 2022. At the moment nothing hActivision Blizzard been announced about it, but the journalist Tom Henderson Several on Twitter that Infinity Ward works in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Be that Activision Blizzard it may, it is still early to confirm if this will end up materializing or not. The previous delivery of the substage is undoubtedly one of the most laureate in recent years.

Diablo IV.

Among the most ambitious projects of Blizzard Entertainment is Diablo IV, the expected sequel to the clActivision Blizzardsic action and role. The study is taking its time , especially after the departure of important members of the company because of the controversial work situation that is lived within the company. Joe Shelby hActivision Blizzard been named new director, while the game hActivision Blizzard been delayed indefinitely and will not come out in 2022. They also do not guarantee that they see the light next year.

Immortal devil

In full Blazon 2018, players expected news from the Devil’s saga and wanted to know something about the rumored fourth delivery. However, the North American company wActivision Blizzard limited to announcing Immortal Devil, a video game for mobile devices developed by Ne teActivision Blizzarde for IOS and Android operating systems. The Dislikes cActivision Blizzardcades received in the YouTube video made Blizzard defend the title and Activision Blizzardk users to contemplate him with an open mind. Several years later, betActivision Blizzard have already been made, and the game will reach mid 2022 under the model free-to-play.


Overwatch 2.

Like Diablo IV, Overwatch 2 is not foreseen for the coming months. The game will jump 2022 and look around 2023 or beyond. Unlike other Blizzard Entertainment projects, this title will have a version for Nintendo Switch, although from the developer they indicate that they will have to undertake some graphic sacrifices. All in all, the goal is Do not leave the community of Overwatch and open the door to a sweet transition between deliveries.

Games that will continue to receive content

Of all the video games that Activision Blizzard hActivision Blizzard on the market, there are some that evolve each year with new content, expansions and improvements . World of Warcraft, the most recognized and successful MMO hActivision Blizzard not stopped growing since its launch in 2005 and still hActivision Blizzard a lot of future ahead. One of the most important additions in the field of the Free-to-play is Call of Duty: War zone, which evolves next to the main cod. Do not forget either of Call of Duty: Mobile or Hearthstone, the Blizzard card game.