Rainbow Six Extraction Proteeans – How To Defeat a Proteaner

Rainbow Six Extraction offers a dozen different types of fines that you can place. One of the toughest is the Protean, who seems to act like a boss encounter and teleport them into a completely new area to face them in a compact arena.

While you can approach your typical Rainbow Six Extraction Achaeans in any desired way, Proteins resemble a more traditional boss struggle matching them against a parasitic version of a Rainbow Six operator. Based on the insights into Protean fighting, which we saw in footage before publishing, it looks like you use weapons and teleport in the arena in which they fight.

But how do you defeat Protean actually, and how does the boss fight work? Here is what we about the knowledge Rainbow Six Extraction Protean er now and how to defeat a Protean er in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction Protean er

It seems as if there were different Rainbow Six Extraction Proteins based on different operators. For example, in the picture above, you can see one that is based on SLEDGE.

A gameplay showcase of the Protean of Ubisoft seems to show Smoke as a Protean er. Therefore, we know from two Rainbow Six Extraction Proteins at the moment: Sledge and Smoke .

Rainbow Six Extraction, how to defeat a Protean er

To defeat a Protean er in Rainbow Six Extraction, you must first reach the gateway destination that is randomly selected during you’re in current. Once you have found the gateway, you need to activate it to be teleported to the fight against the protean er.

After what we saw in a deep-dive video about the enemies of the game, these Protean enemies seem to have a shield they need to get rid of before being able to exhibit their health.

In addition, these Protesters can disappear in the ground and teleport themselves through the arena, making it difficult for slower operators to be done with them.

The game is not outside yet, but it does not look like you would have to fulfill certain goals if you fight against the Protean er. It just seems to be a traditional shootout.

However, this guide is updated as soon as we have viewed what Rainbow Six Extraction has to offer.