Arminia Bielefeld – Greuther Fürth 2: 2: Castro rescues late point gain of the households

Armenia Bielefeld does not come beyond a 2: 2 in the basement duel against Untertlicht Reuther Fürth.

Gonzalo Castro looked after the final whistle disappointed gene sky and supported his hands into the hips. With his late balancing gate, the Joker Armenia Bielefeld had saved a 2-2 (1: 1) against Reuther Fürth in the basement duel of the Football Bundesliga. But the great opportunity to leave the relegation zone for the first time for four months was offset.

We wished, with three points a bit closer to the other teams, said Castro at DAZN: Unfortunately, that did not succeed. The 34-year-old was committed in December after half a year without a game practice. It already hoses, he said after his second short-term use for the Armenia, who led to compensation in the 83rd minute.

Malaya Tokugawa (8.), which was successful in the fourth league game in a row, had launched the homeowners who had firmly planned their third victory from the last four games. Ultimately, Bielefeld had to be happy about the point.

Fürth missed the second season success, which would have been necessary to stay in the race. The relegation place, which now takes Bielefeld, is eleven counter removed. U21 international Jamie Leveling (35th) and the 28 seconds previously replaced Harvard Nielsen (67th) met for the guests.

Bielefeld — Fürth: Emotional Collusion

It was a very good game of us, which we can definitely win, maybe even, said Leveling. The season is a learning process.

Armenia coach Frank Kramer had prophesied before the duel with his former employer: It will be a hot dance. In the first Further Bundesliga season 2012/13 he was responsible for the Franks in the last nine games.

However, the 49-year-old was allowed to breathe early in the game. His team accepted the unfamiliar favorite role. The river Japanese Tokugawa, for weeks Bielefeld’s best, moved with the ball at the foot in the penalty area, was not consistently attacked by two furthers and met 750 spectators from a complicated angle to the lead.

The defensive-strong Armies could now let the opponent who traveled without every outpoint. Fürth tried as usual, alone: ​​Little happened in front of the gate of Stefan Ortega. Bielefeld in turn countered complacent, Patrick Swimmer (23rd) and Florian Kruger (33rd) put something too high at their degrees.

Without any emergency, Bielefeld conceded the compensation in the 35th minute. Leveling stood after a deep further ball profit alone against two armies, and Andres Andrade shook off in the running duel and overcame Ortega with a placed end.


The game was as expected no delicious piss, but completely open after the compensation. So Fürth’s Timothy Tillman with a direct free-kick Ortega to a glory (53.). The importance of the game showed in the emotionality of the actors — in the square and on the benches.


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Armenia Bielefeld — SPV GG Reuther Fürth: The votes

Frank Kramer (coach Armenia Bielefeld): We got the opponent after and after a piece brought into the game. In the end we have bitten again, achieve the compensation. That was a will pass. Since the troupe demonstrated again Moral
Stefan Late (coach Sprig Reuther Fürth): I would have liked to take three points today. We do not have that, so I’m not quite satisfied. We want to be much better than in the first round. The first two games of the second round suggest.

Armenia Bielefeld — SPV GG Reuther Fürth: The listings

Bielefeld: Ortega — Brunner (83rd Ramos), Piper, Wilson, Andrade — Vasiliadis (62nd Print), Cup (75th Castro) — Swimmer (63rd Robin Hack), Kruger (74. Serra), Tokugawa — Laymen. — Trainer: Kramer

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Fürth: Sasha Bur chert — Meyerbeer, Greenback, Wherever, Inter (66. Willems) — Christian sen — Seguin, Tillman — Dunkirk (66th Nielsen) — Leveling (81. Bauer), Bogota (81. Pu lulu). — Trainer: Late