Roblox Anime Clicker Codes Januar 2022

ROBLOX has a considerable number of anime games on the platform to which players can feel attracted when they want to immerse themselves in the experiences. A certain game that has recently won tensile force is’ Anime-Clicker, which features how many other games on the platform has a large selection of codes that can be used and redeemed for additional rewards. This guide article guides you through all functioning and available functions ROBLOX anime-clicker codes.

Working Roblox Anime Clicker Codes

The redeemable codes are listed below and range from additional yen to boost for their character in the game. The codes ROBLOX to be used therein are:

  • Click boost — Redeem for 5 minutes 2x Click Boost
  • ClickingPower — Redeem for 5 minutes 2X Click Boost
  • Feelingly — redeem 2x for 10 minutes
  • Likeyenboost — redeem 2x yen for 10 minutes

  • Luckylegoal — redeem 2x for 10 minutes
  • Monster yen — redeem 2x Yen Boost for 10 minutes
  • Release — redeem for a total of 1,000 yen
  • Sampling Capped — Redeem for 5 minutes 2x Yen Boost
  • Supercilious — Redeem for 10 minutes 2x Click Boost
  • TitaniclieGoal — Redeem for 5 minutes 2X Click Boost

These are all available working codes for the Roblox world that brings you the rewards you are looking for. There are numerous other Roblox experiences with attached codes that you can redeem.

How to solve the codes

To redeem the codes, you must first start Anime Clickers from the inside ROBLOX After loading, search for the Twitter button on the right side of the screen and press it. You will receive a field to enter the codes, press Enter to get your reward!

Note that you have entered the code exactly as it appears in this list.

Your rewards are now all available for you. Will you use these ROBLOX Anime Clickers Codes this month?


ROBLOX is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, iOS and Android.