Andrew Garfield reveals who is his spider

Everyone has a favorite Spider-Man. Even the actors who have been responsible for giving life to this character know that the heart of it only belongs to one interpretation. Thus, Andrew Garfield, who recently reprized this role in No Way Home , decided to reveal who the favorite Spider-Man him.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Garfield had the opportunity to talk about how Keven Face, head of Marvel Studios, and Amy Pascal, Sony producer, approached the actor to convince him to appear in No Way home. It was here where he revealed that his favorite interpretation of Spider-Man is performed by Today Maguire . This was what he commented:

They came to talk to me about an idea, it was like being one of the fans in an audience watching the film for the first time with three out Spider-Man universe, sharing a flat together, and as your little head explodes. So it was that was the main thing I felt then that I must be one of those who wear the suit to the side of my hero, my true Spider-Man, Today Maguire.

This should not be a big surprise. Today Maguire’s interpretation has been considered by many as the definitive version of Spider-Man on the big screen. Similarly, in No Way home, Maguire plays a guiding role for the other two versions it, which are young, and offers a few tips to move forward in his life.

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Editor’s note:

Despite the limitations of the time, Today Maguire and Sam Rail, director of the trilogy, managed to create what many consider the definitive version of the character, thanks to adhere to the basic principles of what makes Spider-Man a hero with which everyone can relate to, something that was not present in the other two reboots.