“FF14” DL version sales resumed and expansion to expand sales. In addition to large data centers, Japan will also be reorganized in Japan

Square Enix announced a plan for the operation scale expansion of Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter referred to as FF14 ) on January 14th. The contents related to server-related updates are mainly the establishment of a new data center for the Oceania region and the release time of the data center travel system. FF 14 continued to conform to players since the start of the Finale of Suzuki on December 3. However, since the preparation for opening the data center for the Oceania region and the distributor of the player’s login time is progressing, the service that has been stopped as a congestion measures will be resumed sequentially. Sales are also resumed from 17:00 on the download version where sales were stopped.

New Oceania Data Center Opens

The Oceania Data Center, which has been planned and prepared before, will open on January 25th. The number of new worlds opened in the data center is five. Initially, I was planning to add two worlds after opening 3 World, but it was decided that it was decided to open five worlds from the beginning, adding the current congestion situation. Previous Oceania resident players were scattered in Japan / North America / European data centers, but many inconvenient parts such as network delays have been inconvenient, and the establishment of a local data center was strongly desired. Home World Change to the new Oceania Data Center can be done free of charge.

In addition, home world change service is also resumed from January 26, the next day of the Oceania Data Center. It is a home world change service that was suspended as a measure to player congestion, but it seems that the situation has been restarted by adding a new data center and adding a new data center. This is a fee, but you can change home worlds to existing worlds other than the Oceania Data Center. However, since it is not possible to relocate to some congestion specification worlds, the player considering the use carefully confirms the world situation.

Details of data center travel system clearly

During the detailed time, the implementation of the data center travel system was announced with patch 6.1x. Also, the outline of the system you care was also released. Although the data center travel system was notified more implementation, it is a system in which the release was postponed in response to congestion. Using this system, it is possible to play across the wall of the logical data center.

The data center of FF14 is partitioned into a physical data center in which a physical server is installed, and a logical data center used for matching categories therein. Physical data centers are currently present in Japan / North America / Europe, and the Oceania is added here January 25. The logical data center is a further division of this physical data center for matching. The Japan Data Center has an ELEMENTAL / MANA / GAIA, and in the North American Data Center, Ether / Primal, European data centers include CHAOS / LIGHT logical data centers. The world where the player spends every day is further present under this logical data center.

The data center travel system is for jumping over the wall of the logical data center among the divisions of this data center. Technically, it is possible to jump over the physical data center, but because the difference between the economic and player values ​​of the player between the physical data centers is large, it is first to implement only the crossing of the logical data center. It seems to be able to consider feedback from the player or not to expand it in the future.

In the world where the data center moves, the system managed in units of logical data centers such as FC chat and cross world link shell can not be used. However, there is almost no restrictions on playing the game, such as participating in the progress of the quest and participation in the party, and the use of the content finder, and the use of the content finder. There is no problem if you do not interfere with the challenge to the high difficulty content, so it is no problem with the fixed party if it is possible to secure outside the game. Data center travel is planned to be implemented with patch 6.1x, so it is expected to be in time for new absent content for patch 6.1 mounting. However, it will be possible to say that the width of the membership of the fixed activities will be definitely expanded, such as the sequel to the patch 6.2.

Extension plan for an existing data center

Extended plans for existing data centers in Japan / North America / Europe were also announced. At the Japan Data Center, a large-scale world configuration changes with new logical data center additions will be made in July 2022. Currently, there are three logical data centers and 32 worlds in the Japan Data Center. Although the current configuration has become a current configuration by adding a world as a congestion correspondence in the 2013 Shins ho Korea release, but the number of worlds in one logical data center is more than overseas and can not operate efficiently. That is. Changing a large world configuration that is conducted around July, add one logical data center to four, and sinks the currently 32 worlds. It is a psychic decision considering maintaining the community, but the development side, such as the implementation of the data center label system described above, and the use of the home world change service, etc. will be as much support.

In the North American Data Center, one logical data center is newly installed in August 2022 and 4 World is added under the direction. In addition, in summer of 2023 and summer, add four new worlds in its logical data center. In the European Data Center, in July 2022, two new worlds are added to two logical data centers. Furthermore, every 2023 summer, add one logical data center and open 8 Worlds.

Download sales resume

Sales will be resumed from 17:00 on January 25th, January 25 of the product version for new players who have been suspended temporarily as a response to congestion. Sales resumes the following title.

Final Fantasy XIV Starter Pack
Final Fantasy XIV Complete Pack
Final Fantasy XIV Complete Pack Collector’s Edition

In addition, about the flexural version that has stopped accepting new registration accepting at the same time as the download version sales stop, it is planning to resume the future.

FF14 published content related to server-related updates as a support for congestion. In Japan, serious news related to the community, such as the reorganization of the World in the Logical Data Center, was also announced. However, the implementation of data center travel systems that can jump over the large wall of the server will not be a situation that can not meet the friend again by reorganization. FF14 developed, including Joke Yeshiva, a director, has helped me emphasize and grew up player communities. Future FF14 will believe that it will achieve better development after reorganization. Please refer to here for the full text of the announcement.

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